Sunday, December 02, 2012

Fun Shirts & Onesies at Mothering Earthlings

December naaaaa! How's your Christmas shopping coming along? Here's a tip lang, SHOP ONLINE! No traffic, no parking, no crowds, no hassle! 

When it comes to shopping online for your nephews, nieces and godchildren, I suggest you head off to Mothering Earthlings. Lots of fun and affordable finds, like these fun onesies and shirts that Xavi has...

Nothing over Php350,  and plenty of designs for girls too. You get lots of choices, free time to do other things than shop, and definitely more bang for your buck! 

1 comment:

Mommy Roxi said...

Those are really cute onesies! Wish I knew about Mothering Earthlings when Jacob was still small. He looks funny now with onesies on!

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