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googoo&gaga Trunk Show + Holiday 2012 + The Photographer's Series

googoo & gaga's Annual Trunk Show is happening on December 15-16 na! They're launching Holiday 2012 too and it is sooo amazing. Notice the online flyer? Yes, you just saw a camo onesie, and feathers and skulls. These are going to sell like hotcakes, the little kiddos just have to have a piece of this collection. 

And now for the sneak peek:

Love it already? Wait, there's more! googoo&gaga presents the Artist Collab - Photographer's Series. These are onesies and kids shirts featuring the works of Audrey & AJ's favorite photographers -- Ivan Sarenas, Jake Verzosa, and Paco Guerrero. 

According to Audrey & AJ, "In the recent months where the country has experienced one tropical depression after another and seemingly endless debates on the controversial issues of the RH Bill and the Cybercrime Law, we, at googoo&gaga, felt it was fitting to bring people back to seeing the Philippines for its beauty and natural wealth. Thus, our collaboration with three of the country's top photographers who advocate (in their own ways) to preserve the Philippines, its people, and its resources." 

Jake Verzosa (b. 1979) is a photographer based in Manila. He has traveled extensively around Southeast Asia and considers his documentaries and portraits as his personal work. His works have been exhibited in Manila, Tokyo, Singapore, Amsterdam, and Paris. He funds his personal works through advertising and editorials gigs. His personal work focuses on local life, youth stories, social issues and shifting cultures. 

Jake joins googoo&gaga this Fall with his Basketball Court photo. 

Paco Guerrero is a photographer who was born in the Philippines, grew up in South East Asia, Spain and USA, had his first assisting job in Singapore, first studio in Spain, and is now back in the Philippines. Since 2002, he has been working for a number of clients including Conde Nast, New York Times Travel, Marie Claire, Destinasian, GQ, and Endless Vacation among others. Locally he has worked for Town and Country, Marie Claire, Runners World, and Rogue. On request, Images and Wonderful Machine currently represent him in the US. He is a travel junkie that likes to tell stories of the places he visits and the people he meets. He specializes in travel, architecture, interiors, and portrait photography. On What I See, Paco decides to explore the country he left behind through the images he captures along the way. 

Paco joins googoo&gaga this Fall with his Cebu Guitars photo.

Ivan Sarenas is a photographer, journalist, cinematographer who likes to keep a low-key profile. He has traveled the Philippines extensively and exhaustively as photographer of the prestigious Philippines Yearbook, as well as for the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Greenpeace, Conservational International, National Geographic Productions, and the BBC. His fine art photographs have been exhibited at Pinto Gallery and the Ayala Museum in Manila, as well as in Tokyo and Paris. He is also currently the editor- in-chief of Dispatch Magazine, a travel and adventure publication of ROX, the biggest outdoor retailer in Southeast Asia. In the new TV documentary he co-hosts The Last Wild Place, he says: “To know ourselves we have to know our grounds. There is so much of the Philippines that is unknown to the Filipino, this show aims to spark the interest of everyone to explore these places that deserve attention.“  

Ivan joins googoo&gaga this Fall with his Indigo-Banded Kingfisher photo.

Stock up on the Holiday 2012, Photographer's Series designs and more at the googoo&gaga Trunk Show. Calendar this.

WHAT: googoo&gaga Annual Trunk Show
WHEN: December 15-16, 2012; 10 AM to 6 PM
WHERE: Unit 15B, Two Lafayette Square, 105 Tordesillas Street, Salcedo Village, Makati City

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