Monday, December 03, 2012

The Shoes of Creatives

It has been a while since I last did a post for my Shoe Series no? Well, I have girls lined up, its just that they are all mega busy! I was thinking of doing a spotlight on my shoes, but baka mabisto ni Dada.  Mahirap na. Ahihihi. 

So while I am thinking about featuring my shoes, I just thought I'd show you the shoes of the "Creatives" I have the pleasure of knowing. I just love being with them, it makes me feel well, creative and artsy too. Please rub off some of those creative juices on me so this blog will be more bongga!

Photographer BJ Pascual and his Margiela sneakers

Stylist Sydney Yap and his camo oxfords from Armani

Photographer Tammy David and her Melissa x Gareth Pugh flats

Oh, I haven't told you about UniqNo right? That's our code name for Unique Novelties! Lots of good finds, especially Christmas decorations. My cousin Alessa told me about this. So off I went with my friends Karrots and Paul last month. I got all my Christmas decorations for our tree there, winner!

We just had to pose with the purchases hahaha

Jeweler Paul Syjuco and his snakeskin embossed Pumas

Live Love Lolz host Karrots Nazareno in her Nike hi-top sneakers

Writer/Blogger Christine Dychiao, sige na, sali ako, and my Isabel Marant Betty hi-top sneakers

One thing's for sure here. No boring shoes in this post no!

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