Friday, December 07, 2012

The 12 Yosi Samras of Christmas: Part 2

My girl friends abroad won’t be missing out on Yosi Samras. Amongst all my friends, I think Naomi and Mary Anne will be getting the most use out of their new shoes. Naomi lives in Singapore and Mary Anne works in Manhattan. Their lifestyles simply demand walking around in comfortable, and of course, stylish flats most of the time.

Day 3: Black Leather with Black Studded Cap Toe

Mary Anne is one of my dearest, dearest friends, our neighbor in the States, and my shopping partner-in-crime. When I saw the black leather flats with black studded cap toes from Yosi Samra’s Holiday Collection, it was just so “New York” that I knew it would be perfect for her. Like most Manhattan commuters, Mary Anne goes to work and back home in flats during the summer and Uggs during the winter. She only changes to heels when she gets to the office. These foldable flats that I picked out for her packs so discreetly in a black canvas pouch, so she can dump it in her work bag without making it bulge.

Yosi Samras come packaged in a discreet and compact black drawstring pouch so it can be brought along any time, any where

After all, a stuffed bag isn’t a pretty sight when you’re stepping out to meet clients at their office. I am pretty sure Mary Anne would love this pair, enough to also wear on weekends.

Day 4: Navy Leather

Naomi, my friend from high school and business partner in Singapore, is tres chic. Every outfit she wears is well thought out and yet effortless. She intuitively knows the exact piece to add to her wardrobe each season, but her overall aesthetic is always timeless. I always look forward to the outfits she and her adorable twins wear. (Her son Tristan, who is always dressed up in preppy outfits, is my peg for Xavi, actually.) I can totally see Naomi wearing the navy Yosi Samras in flat leather for her school runs, store visits and grocery days.

The rubber split soles are anti-slip and sturdy enough for running errands and walking on city streets

When I think of navy flats, I think Parisienne style and understated chic. Just like Naomi.

4 girls and their gifts done, 8 more to go!

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