Sunday, December 09, 2012

Blow-up the Holidays!

The Dychiaos, Christmas 2012 take at Blow-Up Photography Studio

Family photos have become a tradition in our family, because it's just so nice to see every new addition (like Xavi hehe!) and how each one of us has grown each year. When we started sending out personalized Christmas cards in 2008, it was just me and Dada. Years later, and we've got two little ones na! 

Our first Christmas card was taken from our pre-nup photos take by Nelwin Uy. For Christmas 2009 and 2010, they were all taken at home with Dada's home studio equipment. December 2011 - we didn't have a proper one pala, we had just moved back to Manila from Singapore and we were too busy with and tired from settling in that we just didn't have time for a formal Christmas photo. For this year, we went to a studio partly owned by our friends Ning & JA Tadena: Blow-Up in Serendra.

Thank goodness. Less stress sya ha. We just set-up our appointment a week before. On the day of our "shoot",  I piled the kids onto the car, and Dada just met-up with us straight from office. When we got to Blow-Up, they were ready for us. Here's a tip, change into your "shoot" clothes there, so they don't look wrinkled in photos. That's what we did. We brought our clothes to Blow-Up still in hangers, although I had my makeup on already.

It took us less than an hour to change into our clothes and have photos taken at the regular studio shoot and the studio with the Scene Machine.

This is us with the Bokeh backdrop from the Scene Machine, looks like the photo was taken outdoors no?

They work so fast and so efficiently that you could have a professional family photo taken during your lunch break! In fact, Dada had to go straight to a meeting after our shoot, and so it was a good thing we finished so fast. Actually, and thankfully, the kids were cooperative that afternoon. Because it's a different story when your little ones aren't in the mood, right?

A few days after, we got the the low-res files so we could choose which photos we wanted high-res versions of for printing. We sent the file names back to our photographer and the following day, she sent us the high-res files. We just have to decide which ones we want printed in a certain size. Incidentally, Blow-Up doesn't only print your photos, but they can also do gift cards, Christmas cards and calendar versions as well. Check these out: 

Gift card - prices range from Php500-1000 for 20 pieces 

Christmas card

Calendar - it's an 8x12 photo print

Cute no? We enjoyed having our family photos taken at Blow-Up and loved our pictures so much that we are also planning to have the best one printed in a 24x30" size. According to Ning, we can choose if we want it printed on canvas or photo print. Just waiting for the quote on that.

It's not yet too late to have your family photos taken too. Just schedule an appointment with them,  it's so easy, promise. Location, contact details and price list are all here:

For more on Blow-Up, visit their website and Like Blow-Up on Facebook.

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Jackie Go said...

Ning has been my MUA for a TVC before. Grabe, I've been planning on going to BUB even before I got pregnant with Gabbie but di matuloy tuloy! I'll sched a shoot soon. BTW, I know the mom & baby on the calendar. heehee

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