Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Ubusan ng Glamourbox

What do you give your girl friends this Christmas? When you're running out of time, it can be such a daunting question no?

My sister and I were brainstorming the other day and I was telling her about the latest trend in beauty today - beauty subscription boxes! Think BDJ Box and Glamourbox. But look what greeted us when we went to the site:

Yes, SOLD OUT! As my friend Karrots would say, "Ubusan ng glamour!" Congratulations to the Glamourbox team - Marie, Lia, Pam, Pammy and Gretchen!

I was invited to their launch a month ago, and it was no surprise that the boxes sold out. Because who wouldn't want to receive something like this? The box alone I want to keep! It's as nice and sturdy as an iPad box, ganda!

Well, the box doesn't come with cupcakes, but just wanted to share this with you. Berry loved it when I brought one home for her. So pretty! It was baked by Joy San Gabriel:

Ok, back to the box! This was what was inside the November box! Loved that it has cult beauty brands that are practically unheard of in Manila, but are making waves abroad. Such as the mascara from Australian brand Eye of Horus. The Ofra lip palette was such a good find too! I think one product alone, the box is "sulit" as it is. But of course, there were more finds inside, like scents for you and your man, as well as Yves Rocher and Shiseido products.

The November box was so good, every girl worth her beauty salt must have pounced on the December box! Oh well, there's always January!!!

For more on Glamourbox, visit their website and like them on Facebook!

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