Sunday, December 09, 2012

The 12 Yosi Samras of Christmas: Part 3

Sisters, sigh! Sometimes it’s just so hard to find the perfect gift for them, unless they tell you what they want outright. I often give my sisters clothes or accessories when gift-giving season comes around. But this Christmas, I’m excited to share with them my latest, greatest find of the year!

Day 5: Black Glitter

My sister Nicole’s job requires her to help in planning and organizing high-level corporate events (think guests composed of business owners, CEOs and presidents). Her responsibilities often require her to be in the office by day, and to help out with the logistics of the event in the afternoon and evening. She is constantly on the go - meeting with her boss and colleagues, talking to suppliers, and running around making sure the event starts on time, runs smoothly, and ends without a hitch. This is why she has to be in comfortable flats that are understated enough to be worn in the office, and yet appropriate enough to be worn at night.

I’ve chosen Yosi Samra’s black glitter flats for Nicole because it’s the right mix of proper and polished. It’s pretty enough to wear with just a simple shift dress. So when Nicole gets tired of wearing heeled pumps, she can always slip into this pair, and not feel underdressed at all.

The Glitter series comes in silver, pewter, gold, rainbow and black. Each one is so pretty - the perfect day to night pair of flats.

Day 6: Burnished Ostrich and Taupe/ Navy Leather

Dianne enjoys wearing flats as much as I do. Maybe because comfort is key to her lifestyle too. She’s always off to a meeting - from Binondo to Laguna, not the most glamorous places, but that doesn’t stop her from dressing up, because she enjoys doing that too. Her style is casual and relaxed but never boring. She often wears ballet flats with trousers and silk shirts to work. That is why I chose these taupe flats with a burnished ostrich detail in navy from Yosi Samra. Simple, classic but with an unexpected, stylish twist.

The heel area of Dianne’s Yosi Samras have a burnished ostrich detail in navy. Definitely not just any ordinary pair of flats!

6 girls and their gifts done, 6 more to go!

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