Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Mothering Earthlings is ON SALE!

It's Rone aka Earthling Mama's birthday month, so Rone is celebrating her birthday and the rest of the month with a great big MOTHERING EARTHLINGS SALE! Xavi's go to brands like googoo&gaga and In the Crib are on sale, along with a host of other brands. Check out the SALE page, HERE.

That said, I'm sharing with you these carefully handpicked pieces from Mothering Earthlings, that Rone sent to the kiddos for Christmas. We loved everything!

I love the print! This Basketball Court onesie is from googoo&gaga's Photographer Series, and this particular one is by Jake Verzosa.

Apart from a personalized apron that Berry is so crazy about - she wears it when she's baking, or playing pretend in her play kitchen, she also got the cutest rag doll ever. The Isabel rag doll by Anthill Fabric Gallery! Each rag doll by Anthill is exquisitely handmade from scrap fabrics and therefore unique, with her own personality. No two dolls are alike. More than that, buying an Isabel rag doll supports a community of mothers in Cebu, who lovingly make these dolls.

Unfortunately for you guys, my sister and I loved it so much, we ended buying most of the dolls last month, and gave them as gifts to deserving little girls heehee. I think there are only two dolls left in the Mothering Earthlings website. Eeep!

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