Monday, January 21, 2013

Paper Chic Studio

I am super excited to prepare for Xavi's first birthday party! Ask me why! Ask me why!

Because Paper Chic Studio is here! Woohoo!

Such a perky post no? Well, its not everyday that you run into a party supplies business carrying such chic paper products as Paper Chic Studio. I remember planning for parties and I could only dream of doing the kind of things I would see on Pinterest. Because seriously, where to get those things right? Got to buy them abroad and have them shipped over pa. Hassle. Lucky for us, the search is over.

My friend and fellow SoMom, Cai Sio, finally did something about Manila's dire need for pretty party supplies of Pinterest levels. It all started when she was planning for her daughter's birthday party and she realized there was a serious lack of cute stuff that weren't character based, if you know what I mean. She wanted party supplies that were environment-friendly too. So, she came up with these oh so chic paper straws, loot bags, table napkins, cupcake holders and such. When I got my Paper Chic loot, OMG, I just wanted to throw a party for no reason! 

Check these out, yo:

milk bottles and paper straws

cupcake liner

baker's twine

more cupcake liners

loot bags

table napkins

candy cups

With items like these, the party planning is just as fun as the party itself! Can you spell, L-O-V-E? (Yes, you may order these felt letter cut-outs too!)

Cai also sells jam jars, and will also be coming out with paper cups, gift bags, wrapping papers and more for Paper Chic Studio. All to make your parties, chic and pretty, my dears!

For product updates, inquiries and orders:

- Visit Paper Chic Studio's Facebook page, HERE.
- Email


Pierra said...

Adorbs!! Thanks for the tip! :D

Jenny @ Chronicles of A Nursing Mom said...

I am excited for the gift wrappers!!!

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