Tuesday, April 16, 2013

We All Have Issues And It's Not as Bad as We Think

Good gracious, I am not a crybaby, but watching this video I saw via The Fatherland had me tearing up.

Everyone has issues, even the prettiest, skinniest girls I know. Why do we do that to ourselves? That unhealthy obsession with perfection? Why do we let what our parents, siblings or cousins say about us or label us with (si "kulot", "payatot", "tabachoy", "babalu" etc.) affect the way we view ourselves?

Growing up, I was called "tingting" and "maliit". By the time I reached high school, boys started paying attention to me and thought I was cute and crushable. So that cured my insecurity, ahahahaha! Just kidding no! Personality still rules! Never equate self-worth with how attractive you are to others.

Seriously girls, remember this - You are more beautiful than you think! ;)


A Loopy Life said...

I got a bit teary eyed as well.

Marc said...

nice! ganda noh? :) - fatherland

Pierra said...

Waaaah! Beautiful!

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