Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Bonding over Ice Cream Cake + An Ice Cream Cake Kit Giveaway!

In the winter of 2008, TIME Style & Design, a supplementary issue of TIME magazine, focused on the changing definition of luxury and the thing that stuck with me most was Maira Kalman's definition - "The only real luxury is TIME."

I think any parent would say the same thing, that every moment spent with our kids, it doesn't matter if they are screaming or wailing and you just want to get the hell out of there, is time well spent. Sometimes when I have to be out and I leave the kids at home, I still end up in a rush to get home and cuddle with my kulit babies. Yes, even if at the moment that I stepped out earlier, I was raring for some "me time".

It is not so much the length of time spent with them that matters though. It is the quality of time spent with the kids that becomes the stuff memories are made of.

Like our trip to the Selecta ice cream factory in Pasig two weeks ago. On behalf of Selecta, Nicole Jacinto invited us over to meet brand managers Earl Keh and Karen Sangalang, who talked to us about their well-loved ice cream, the country's #1 ice cream in fact.

To everyone's delight, Earl took us on a tour of the factory, as seen through the viewing deck. The kids were so excited! Unfortunately there was no production at the time, but at least they got to see where ice cream is made.

The most fun part was when we got to make ice cream cake.

Berry immediately went for the spoons and could not wait to dig into this tub of Selecta Super Thick Classic with chocolate, mantecado and mango ice cream. I am pretty sure she wanted to eat the ice cream, not really make ice cream cake haha.

Amanda Griffin-Jacob was there to personally show us how to make our own ice cream cake and after watching her intently, Berry confidently layered the graham crackers after I scooped out the ice cream.

It really was so easy to make. We started off by layering the casserole dish with graham crackers and scooping out the chocolate ice cream and spreading it evenly in the best way possible across the bed of graham crackers.

We then covered the chocolate ice cream with graham crackers and proceeded to layer and spread mantecado ice cream over that. Added another line of graham crackers....

And topped it off with mango ice cream. Note that this is quite a challenge especially if the ice cream is frozen hard. I ended up with thicker than usual ice cream layers because it was a struggle for me to get the spoon to cut through the ice cream. But then again, the creamier and richer, the better right?

We went back to the candy buffet where Berry decorated her ice cream cake with marshmallows, candy coated chocolates, sprinkles, jellies and fruits.

And this was her design. Tadaaaaa! Yes, she laid out everything all by herself.  Oh and here's a tip - for best results, refrigerate overnight. So the ice cream gets to harden again and you can slice it neatly.

Here's a view from another angle. I can't get over how Berry just thought of this design on the spot.

Now here's a cross section of the ice cream cake. This isn't the one we made though. We got to bring home our ice cream cake, and this was the version that we got to eat right there and then. The verdict? So good! I can't believe how easy this is to make, a three year old can actually do it by herself. With a little help from mom or dad of course.

As for the beam on Berry's face after everyone oohed and aahed at her ice cream cake? Priceless! In fact after we left, Berry wanted to go back to the Selecta ice cream factory so she can make more ice cream cake. Thankfully, its as easy as buying a tub of Selecta Super Thick Classic, a pack of MY San Graham Crackers and we could easily do the same at home.

Now, as for you dear readers, listen up. Selecta is giving away ICE CREAM CAKE KITS which is a box filled with a tub of Selecta Super Thick Classic and 2 packs of graham crackers to 2 of my readers, so you can make ice cream cake at home too! I promise, the kids will love you for this. Here's how to join:

1. Email me a photo of your family showing how you bond with your kids. It can be as simple as watching movies at home, eating out, or traveling to a different country. It really is up to you! My email is manilafashionobserver@gmail.com and the subject is: Selecta Ice Cream Sarap ng Weekend x "Your Family Name"

2. Leave a comment on this post so I know that I should expect an email from you.

3. I will choose a winner by Sunday, June 16. I will make arrangements to have the ice cream sent to your home by the coming week so that by Friday, you can look forward to making ice cream cake with the kids.  For sure, sarap ng weekend!

Can't wait to see your entries!

UPDATE: Congratulations to the winners: HEILYN NGO & MELISSA SIMEON! I am sure you will enjoy making ice cream cake with the kiddos! =)


Chrystal said...

Joining! :)

Nadine Diamante said...

Hi there! I sent you an email :D

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

new to your site. Ill send our photos with my girls. be vry happy to win but even not, I'm already a winner in discovering your blogsite. till again... be reading as many as i can of your old post. enjoying it.


heilyngo said...

Will send email too.. Hopefully we get lucky

Anonymous said...

Email and photo sent! Thank you

Mommyyam said...

Email and photo sent! Thank you.

Theresa Cruz-Escaros said...

sent an email to join this promo. Thanks!

heilyngo said...

Will email

Anonymous said...

Joining the contest!
I'm a new blog reader..


Pinions and Plumage of Love said...

Hi Christine!

I'm joining the contest. Thank you much!


Anonymous said...

Who did won the contest?

Theresa Cruz-Escaros said...

who won?

tita trina said...

wow! i want to make some! berry's design looks like an old school tv

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