Thursday, June 13, 2013

Aranaz Delujo 2013

De lujo means deluxe in Spanish and that's exactly what Aranaz Delujo, the luxe line that Amina Aranaz-Alunan started in 2011, is all about. Take for instance this pulpo called Octopia. This is the only octopus I know fit to be worn on a donya's wrist:

My friend Kris asked me if Delujo means maluho. Well, lujo in Spanish or luho in Tagalog means luxury, as in, "Hija, don't be maluho because the boys might think you're high maintainance". But I am happy to share that Aranaz Delujo is not exorbitantly priced at all. Given the materials and craftsmanship involved in making Amina's gorgeous minaudières and cuffs, and the fact that we are supporting Filipino artisans by buying these pieces, it's a small price to pay. 

I fell in love with the Corallo which sells for about Php18,500. It is a work of art in itself.

The shell clasp is just precious:

I ended up getting the Sampaguita, a wooden minaudière that is so delicately pretty, yet can withstand years of use. I love how this can go from day to night too.

When Aranaz Delujo first launched in 2011, Amina showed how the lowly coconut shell could be elevated into something luxe, even an object of desire. For 2013, she took the idea a step further by dyeing the shells in different hues and using gold-dipped gilded clasps with colored stones.

According to Amina, "The ARANAZ DELUJO line is an outlet to indulge in our creative fantasies. Each piece is a product of our dreams. Combining master craftsmanship with the most exquisite raw materials and handmade techniques."

Apart from a a range of coconut shell purses, there were also studded shell, snakeskin and brass minaudières. Some with complementary cuffs to match.

Let me point out that in true luxe fashion, the inside of the Raya is lined in soft suede.

It was truly a treat to be invited to the special preview of Aranaz Delujo 2013 and the pre-selling affair at Vask was the perfect time to place an order before the line hits the stores this coming July.

I left with this fantastic brass lily cuff from Amina (worn next to an Aranaz lobster claw cuff and Vita Fede mock croc leather bangle) and the anticipation that I will get my Sampaguita minaudière sooner than most. 

Aranaz Delujo will hit stores by July 19, 2013.

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