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Certified Organic Pulpe de Vie at Rustan's Beauty Source

If I were to judge a skincare product solely by its packaging, then I can almost taste the freshness of French skincare brand Pulpe de Vie. One look and I get images of bright Proven├žal sun-ripened fruits and an overall wholesome, all-natural appeal.

I kind of want to flip open a cap and squirt the Luscious Glow Body Milk straight into my mouth, then chase it down with a tube of Kiss Me lip gloss.

But more than bright, cheerful, almost scrumptious packaging, Pulpe de Vie's face and body products really do deliver the goods, in all its certified organic goodness.
  • Fresh. All Pulpe de Vie products are made from fresh and organic fruit and vegetables from the Mediterranean area and directly purchased from local producers. Which means, less carbon footprint as no fruits were transported from afar  
  • Allergen-Free. Formulated with fruit water, which is full of active ingredients and whose flavoring properties make it possible to replace the use of essential oils, Pulpe de Vie's formulation is soft on the skin and free of allergy risks. And yes! Safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women!
  • Natural. Coloring agents are natural ochres from the villages of Luberon, also in the South of France
  • ECOCERT Certified. Not tested on animals, no GMO, no silicones, no parabens, no fragrances or synthetic coloring agents, no phenoxyethanols, no PEG.  
In true MFO fashion, I tried on three of Pulpe de Vie's nine products myself, and they are nothing short of delightful.

The Kiss Me Lipgloss, made with prickly pears, lavander honey, bee's wax, olive oil and vitamin E, tastes like fruit-flavored olive oil. It truly feels all-natural, and not sticky, as most lip glosses tend to feel like fly paper on my lips. The color is as natural as can be. It looks dark in the tube but comes out to just enhance the natural color of my lips.

The citrus-y, berry delicious grapefruit/blackcurrant scent of the Luscious Glow Moisturizing Body Milk can really perk up your day. I suggest you save your thicker body creams for evening, and just slather this on in the morning after a shower. It's a very light, milky lotion. I like using it as a hand moisturizer too. I'd rub my hands together with it, and then cup my face to take in the scent. Transports me to a happy, sunshine-y place everytime, I swear.

Anti-ageing need not be so serious with Amant de Soir/Love Me Tonight Anti-Ageing Night Cream. 99% natural and 56.2% organic, it is made with a fruit cocktail of raspberry, fig water, blackcurrant, lime-tree leaves and prickly pear oil. It also contains 3 anti-ageing ingredients: beech buds (anti-wrinkle), hyaluronic acid (moisturizing) and hydroxyproline (restructuring). While I was initially put off by the thick, rich consistency (I've stopped using La Mer in Manila because it was too thick) and would only apply it on my neck and jaw area, since I figured these were safe zones that would benefit from a rich cream, I decided to try it on my face, and OMG, it just seemed to melt into my face. It was not greasy at all. It does have a slightly spicy scent, but hello, I've happily used Dr. Perricone on my face, which smells like fish. Fishy vs. Spicy? I have no complaints.

About Pulpe de Vie:

Pulpe de Vie was started in 2009 by a then 33 year old Julie Ducret, whose love for adventure and enthusiasm for life took her all over the world. She eventually went back home and moved to the South of France to do what she always wanted - start a business which reflected her own values: respect, quality, joy, simplicity and sustainable living. The result as we know, is Pulpe de Vie.

    Today, Pulpe de Vie is available across France, and at select beauty shops in the US, Japan and the Philippines and remains a 100% French firm, where everything from production to packaging is still done in France.
    In the Philippines, Pulpe de Vie is available at Rustan's, The Beauty Source.

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