Thursday, July 04, 2013

Doll Making Workshop with Craft MNL & Dolldalita

This is a super overdue post but since making something by hand will never go out of style, I thought I'd share with you our doll making session with Mommy Jac of Dolldalita back in February, thanks to Craft MNL and Mommy Mundo

Yup! We did something similar to these Waldorf-inspired dolls above, which were all handmade by Mommy Jac.

That afternoon, Berry and Gabbie were in for an activity like no other - sewing, stuffing and seeing their handmade dolls come to life:

The girls starting off by posing with the materials laid out in front

The head taking shape. I did all the hand sewing and Berry did the stuffing. Team effort!

Our doll slowly coming to form.

Now, about to add her hair!

Our doll. Isn't she adorbs?

I really enjoyed sewing our doll. It was therapeutic. Plus, there's always something fulfilling about seeing an object Berry & I made with our own hands take shape into something as adorable as this. 

My next step is to make a dress. I'll ask Berry to design something, she's got great taste in clothes. I am sure she'll come up with a wonderful outfit idea.

PS - Did you know that Berry is about to start big school next year? She just celebrated her fourth birthday with her pre-school classmates last week, it was a Snow White party. I should share with you some of the highlights of her day. They had Snow White cupcakes, corn dogs, nuggets and ice cream. Oh! They had so much fun!

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