Thursday, June 13, 2013

Sunpocket Sunnies at Terminal

For a supposed Francophile and eyewear enthusiast, Sunpocket was just a blip in my radar until Mike Te of Terminal, a streetwear shop at the Deck of Ronac Art Center in Greenhills, told me the Sunpocket story and said that he had them in his store. 

Curiosity got the best of me, so I trekked to his store along with Berry and my sister Dianne and finally saw for myself what Sunpocket was all about.

Sunpocket = cute, lightweight and foldable sunnies that come in a range of colors

I liked them at first sight. These are the kind of sunnies you don't have to worry about scratching, breaking or losing. Lightweight and made of plastic, they are also tough enough to withstand extreme activities. Foldable and packs in a compact case, it fits in your pocket so you don't have to worry about where to keep them. Not too precious too that you can enjoy yourself in the great outdoors.

According to Mike, Sunpocket is a contemporary accessories brand rooted in ski and surf culture.

Its story traces back to the late 1970’s where Sunpocket’s signature foldable shades gained a strong following in the French ski community. Ten years later, Sunpocket had become immensely popular all over Europe. 

Sunpocket was re-launched in 2011. With its legacy of innovative and distinctive sunglasses, Sunpocket established itself as a brand known for its style, authenticity and quality. 

Internationally, Sunpocket’s sunglasses are sold in 25 countries, including premium accounts such as Colette Paris, Corso Como Seul, Excelsior Milano, Opening Ceremony in NYC, LA and Tokyo, American Rag (LA), Cali Roots, (Stockholm) Beams (Japan), Lane Crawford (Hong Kong), Burton Flagship Stores (USA), Selfridges & Co (UK), Oipolli (UK), and online at

Here in the Philippines, Sunpocket is available exclusively at Terminal. Plus the good news is, pricing is in line with all the other stockists all around the world. So you don't have to seek them out at countries where you can get them cheaper. Prices start at Php2,500. The collection here is up to date too.

The 2013 Collection will be at Terminal by next week, week of June 17th: 

Mike shares that the more popular style for women are the Samoa and Tonga models since the size is perfect for most women here. For guys it's between the Sport and II models. "Generally the Sport model is the one used most for outdoor activities like surfing, skiing, golfing and various water sport activities.", Mike explains.

I hope Mike brings in these cool leather and neoprene cases too:

But wait! That's not all. While we are on the subject of Terminal, I might as well share with you too that Terminal carries a lot of cool stuff. Like these  "designer logo" tees:

And locally made camo iPad cases:

Terminal also carries sneakers, shirts from ssur, and so much more. Now watcha waiting for?

The Deck, Ronac Art Center
Ortigas Ave., Greenhills San Juan
Store hours:
Tuesdays-Fridays 3-9PM
Saturdays & Holidays 2-9PM

For more on Terminal email, follow on or visit 

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