Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Jewelmer and Jeans

it took many years to complete this triple-strand of Jewelmer pearls

Nothing can be more Doña than pearls. 

Make that, Jewelmer pearls. 

A few months back, Jewelmer invited the SoMoms to a talk about pearls. So that we could further appreciate the work that goes into their pearls, which also leads to understanding why they are priced they way they are, aka expensive.

Actually, even before we had that talk, as early as when I was still in my 20s, it has always been my dream to have Jewelmer pearl studs. And a single strand. That is all.

See naman how it can elevate a white t-shirt, sneakers and jeans to "don't mess with me, I'm loaded levels". Ahihihi.

See how my friends Kris, Jackie and Jenny look so doña here? Oh my, it's those champagne pearl strands! These pearls, such stunners. They have a life of their own!

Well, that is true. Pearls are living gems, and according to Laetitia Meriguet of Jewelmer, require constant warmth and contact even after it has been set as jewelry, to keep its surface glow.

But before we go to pearl care, let me tell you why Jewelmer pearls are special:
  • They are real South Sea Pearls, grown in Palawan by the gold-lipped Pinctada maxima oyster, noted for its beautiful shell lining—and for the beautiful gems it produces. 
  • It takes 323 precise steps and up to five years of dedicated care: the oyster is bred and grown for two to three years before being grafted. Another two or three years of being carefully monitored and nurtured while it grows the pearl follows before its precious cargo is harvested.
  • The nucleus of the pearl is grafted by an expert technician, called a master grafter, who inserts a round bead made from shells from the Mississippi River, together with a piece of mantle or saibo from a donor oyster of the desired color into the gonad of an oyster.
  • Only a certain percentage of baby oysters make it to adulthood
  • Each harvest is a miracle, and each pearl unique. 

 this is the nucleus that is inserted into the Pinctada Maxima oyster

Now, you will probably never look at a Greenhills South Sea pearl the same way!

And now, I leave you with Jewelmer Pearl wear & care:
  • The rule of thumb in pearl wear and care is: Pearls are the last thing you wear when you leave the house in the morning and the first thing you take off when you get home at night. 
  • Pearls are composed of thousands of aragonite crystals, an organic substance similar to our teeth and bones. As such, hair spray and perfume don't mix well with pearls. Over-exposure to these chemicals might cause the pearl to lose their luster and become dull. 
  • Chlorine also has a similar effect so avoid wearing pearls while swimming. 
  • Store your pearls in a moist environment to keep their luster. If you plan on keeping them in a dry environment like a safe for a long period of time, place a small amount of water in a glass to keep the atmosphere moist.
  • Separate pearls from other pieces of jewelry to avoid scratching them. Instead, put your pearls in a different compartment or keep them in soft cloth pouches.

Because whether you like to dress all doña or you are the white shirt and jeans kind of girl, there's a perfect pearl waiting to be your perfect match at Jewelmer. 

From July 1 to September 30, 2013 visit a Jewelmer Boutique to discover all about their Perfect Match Earring Studs Promotion. Because these babies deserve a home. Yours.

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Anonymous said...

Been dreaming of owning a single strand for years. Katakot-takot na parinig na sa hubs, wala pa din! Booh! - Edna Morales

cd_mfo said...

Ahihihi! We need to pray hard na, apart from parinig! Divine intervention needed!

Jackie Go said...

Bet ko yung "don't mess with me I'm loaded" levelz! Magbebenta na ako ng kidney for that strand! heehee

cd_mfo said...

Jackie, goal natin to buy that strand without selling kidneys haha!

Anonymous said...

How much does it cost, approximately? I'm from US.

cd_mfo said...

Anon, about $5000 thereabouts

Perfect Pearl® said...

Girls you can afford that if you want & I'm sure you have high paying jobs. You can afford nga to buy expensive leather goods how much more a pearl jewelry wjich is more worthy investment in thd long run than a preserved animal skin.

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