Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Slim Down with YamamaySlim

Would you believe me if I told you that we can look slimmer, even smooth out cellulite, just by wearing "magic" undergarments for 8 hours every day for 28 days?

That's the promise of YamamaySlim and according to the SA who assisted me and Jackie at Yamamay in Glorietta, this line is a bestseller in Yamamay's native Italy, flying off the shelves as soon as stocks arrive. She even told us of a US based customer who would hoard YamamaySlim for herself and her mom everytime she was in town.

But what exactly is YamamaySlim? And how does it do what it promises to do?

The YamamaySlim garments are made of Revolutional® Slim, a Carvico fabric. It is an innovative, comfortable and effective product that revolutionizes the concept of slimming. By wearing them regularly for at least 8 hours a day for 28 days*, they help to:  
  • reduce the hips circumference 
  • fight water retention 
  • reduce orange-peel effect

Unique in its kind, Revolutional® Slim performs a remodelling action on localized fat and provides a new teatment for the reduction of blemishes caused by cellulite. Thanks to the use of Nurel’s micro-encapsulated fibre, rich in natural active ingredients such as caffeine, retinol, fatty acids, aloe and vitamin E, Revolutional® Slim redefines the silhouette. 

The extraordinary results of Revolutional® Slim have been widely demonstrated by clinical safety and effectiveness tests conducted and certified by Bio Basic Europe - Milan, an authoritative centre for derma-cosmetic evaluation. The garment retains its properties unaltered over 100 washings. 

(*) in addition to a balanced diet and a regular physical activity 

The SA also told us that the fabric used in YamamaySlim is so comfortable, you can even use it for workouts! I got the leggings and the top in black, and I will definitely be using the leggings for yoga and Plana Forma (when I find the time, heehee).

As for the black top, I have been using it as a camisole underneath silk tops and they fit and feel like a dream! Very comfortable and feels cool to the skin. I can totally wear it for 8 hours straight, even more. 

I haven't worn it straight for 28 days though because that would mean I'd have to buy at least 4 more to wear day in day out haha. But I like wearing it as a camisole and if it means slimming down by wearing it, then that's just the cherry on top. I'd say it's worth a try!

If I were to buy another piece from YamamaySlim, I'd get the bodysuit. This would be perfect to wear underneath dresses. Or with a top that you'd want to tuck into your skirt or pants for a smooth, seamless look. Plus its so easy to wear, you don't have to worry about peeing and such because it has snaps in the crotch area:

Oh and guys, worried about those love handles? There's YamamaySlim for men too. There are two styles, a shirt and singlet that comes in black and white, and may be used as an undershirt so you can wear them every single day.

About Yamamay:

Yamamay is Italy's answer to Victoria's Secret. My friend Kellyn, who studied in Italy, says they have the best fitting bras. Apart from shapewear, they also carry beachwear, underwear, lingerie and sleepwear.

Yamamay is located at 2/F Robinsons Magnolia and 1/F Glorietta 2.

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