Thursday, July 25, 2013

Sangobion for Kids

When I was younger, I was anemic, so my mom made me take this iron syrup that was so nasty, it felt like torture to drink it.

Sangobion® realizes that most Iron syrups in the market have a salty, astringent taste which makes it difficult for children to take. That is why there is Sangobion® Syrup for kids, which, as with regular Sangobion®, contains Ferrous gluconate and Vitamin B-complex to fight iron deficiency the gentle and yummy way. 

Why is Sangobion® Syrup better for kids? Well, because...
  • Ferrous gluconate offers iron deficiency treatment with less metallic aftertaste than Ferrous sulfate.
  • Has less gastrointestinal side effects than Ferrous sulfate. 
  • Comes in a sweet FRUITY TWIST flavor! 

If you've got anemic kids, don't even bother with regular ferrous sulfate. Save yourself the trouble and just go for...

Because Ferrous gluconate > Ferrous sulfate!

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