Friday, July 26, 2013

Yosi Samra x MFO Giveaway: Where do you want your Yosi Samras to take you?


I am so thrilled to share with you this exciting news from one of my favorite footwear brands - Yosi Samra!

Ok, here it is, drumroll please… 

Yosi Samra Philippines and yours truly will be giving away a pair of Yosi Samras to 4 readers! 

Yes, not just 1 but 4 readers! To spread the Yosi Samra love around.

Let’s cut to the chase. How does this go? Simple.

The 4 most interesting entries, the kind that makes us want to pack our bags and put on our traveling shoes right this minute, wins a pair each!

That said, let me share with you where I dream of going with Dada and the kids. I cannot wait to show them the world, and these three places I feel, would be great settings for family adventures.

St. Tropez
While known as the playground of the rich and famous in its heyday, St. Tropez still is essentially a picturesque fishing town that also happens to be filled with expensive restaurants, yachts and high-end shops.

But it is not purely the glamour of it all that I am after. I know I will not be able to resist popping into Rondini and K. Jaccques. The idea of sunning in the South of France, shopping for fresh produce during marche days at the Place des Lices and going on a road trip to sample the wines of the nearby vineyards, and visit the scenic, charming village of Gassin would be an experience for the senses like no other.

 boats docked at a St. Tropez port 


Speaking of sensual experiences that inspire, there is nothing like the whole of Provence, actually. I can practically smell the lavender in the air as I write this. Images of sun-kissed produce, truffle and herb plantations, handmade soaps, artisanal food - its communing with nature at its finest. I dream of spending a whole month just driving and eating our way through Provence, visiting Cezanne’s workshop, passing through historical and cultural landmarks and simply taking in the breathtaking landscape while munching on macarons, almonds and other local treats.

daily life in Provence from


I have always dreamed of visiting Greece. Santorini to be more precise. The landscape of whole villages carved onto cliffs is simply breathtaking. Imagine walking past homes bleached white by the sun, topped by blue domes the color of the sea. Think of sunsets that paint the sky a vibrant orange, and beaches that run the gamut of red, black and white. Now think about sitting down each day to a hearty Mediterranean meal of fresh grilled fish and crispy calamari, of vine ripened tomatoes and feta cheese drizzled with cold pressed olive oil. Now, that’s a vacation!

Santorini, from

So fun to dream no? But for now, let’s get those Yosi Samras in your shoe closet, and then we can start planning that vacation!

 take your Yosi Samras when you travel, just like Jenny, Shopbop buyer, via the Shopbop Blog

Winners will be announced in two batches. Entries will be accepted until 11:59 PM of August 8, 2013!

About Yosi Samra:

Yosi Samra are fold-up ballet flats from the US. The flats are designed by 2nd generation shoemaker Yosi Samra, and come in leather, suede, satin, exotic skin and prints. They are meant to be worn after wearing heels all day, but they are made so well and are just so comfy, that they have become a busy girl's go-to flats. 

Look for Yosi Samra at Glorietta 4 Ayala Center, SM Aura Premier, SM Mall of Asia, Rockwell Powerplant Mall, Alabang Town Center, Trinoma Mall, and Gas at Greenbelt 3.


abigail ong said...

Admont Monastery Austria

A jewel of the Baroque era meets contemporary art. 70.000 restored books, ceiling frescoes and sculptures in the magnificent library meet creations of Erwin Wurm, Rudi Molacek and Lois Renner.

missyosigirl said...

I would love my Yosi Samras to take me to the Warner Brothers Studio Tour in London so I can visit the world of Harry Potter! :)

I imagine taking a stroll down the cobbled streets of Diagon Alley, while looking through the windows of Ollivanders Wand Shop (oh to get my own wand), Flourish and Botts (I think I need new books for the new school term) and the Weasley's Wizard Wheezes (better stock up on those pranks).

And then going inside experiencing Hogwarts -- the Great Hall (to see it in Christmas, oh my), or Dumbledore's office (I do hope I'm not in trouble), the Gryffindor common room (would I know the password?), or the Boys' Dormitory (will Ron be there? <3)!

And then there's the Ministry of Magic, Privet Drive, the Weasley's kitchen, and Hagrid's Hut -- a Harry Potter fan's dream come true to discover and explore!

It's sure to be a magical trip, made more magical with my own pair of Yosi Samras ;)

Evert said...

Dear Yosi Samras

Please take me to Hong Kong and Bangkok every year, because anyone who loves to shop knows that a comfortable footwear works magic when roaming the streets of Hong Kong and Bangkok and looking for the cutest tops and cheaper accessories :)

Take me to Japan and Korea, because walking a few more kilometers instead of taking the public transport will save me a few more bucks for food.

Let's backpack to Europe together, because we can look fabulous even when backpacking, right? :) Let's explore their culture, eat croissants and macarons, drink coffee, and hang out at pubs together :D

Lastly, please please, take me to the hallowed halls of the Supreme Court after four years. The college dresscode of no-open toed sandals has left me scouring for the comfiest, prettiest, and did I already say comfiest? :) flats I can wear for the torturous months in law school! On bad days and forever sleepless nights, my silver lining is that my feet will be happily comfortable wearing you :D

eypolapol said...

I want to take this pair of Yosi Samras, if I win, to Paris. I think this pair is the best pair of flats to channel Parisian chic and at the same time it is very comfortable to wear for long walks around Paris.

Cafevida said...

I would like to travel the world, I want to see and experience new sights and exciting places. I want to savor the food and swim in the culture. We are citizens of the world and I would love to bask in the splendor of our cities.

One particular place that I've only heard about for the past couple of years is The Maldives, and I would love it if Yosi Samras would take me on an exciting journey there.

Chesca Alejandro said...

My dream destination is Paris, specifically the Eiffel Tower, at night! I want to be able to up the tower and see the world! And the fireworks and lights make it even more special :)

blahblahblogchef said...

wow! so generous!

Analogue said...

I joined Thanks : )

Meikah said...

Being comfy and kind to the feet, the Yosi Samras pair is perfect to go around chasing my kids, all boys around---may it be in school, in church,on vacations (New York City no less, soon!), or malling. :)

Anonymous said...

Your blog is just awesome! Thank you for the fresh ideas that are definitely helpful for a mom like me. More power!


carladoo said...

Hi Christine! =)

My dad used to teach Spanish in one of the colleges in Manila and I've always been fascinated about going and visiting Spain apart from the amazing food that they offer. =)

The image I have attached is one of the most picturesque images I have seen of Madrid. I have dreamed of eating alfresco in the cobbled streets of Madrid having tapas and wine as well with my husband =) extended honeymoon of sorts =)

Unknown said...

One place I'll want to take my YOSI SAMRAS would be Santiago de Compostela. I went there almost 10 years ago on a tour but we stayed only for a day. From the Church to our hotel, we passed an alley that felt like I was in a Harry Potter novel. It was amazingly beautiful. I would love to go back and explore Santiago de Compostela a little longer and find that alley or cobblestoned street lined with quaint little shops. I wish I remembered the name of the road but I'll sure try to find it again. I know my hubby and kid/s would also love that alley.

jinxbea said...

Hi Ms. Christine!

I've been to SF, CA like 6 times already mostly are business trip. during those times its either im wearing driving shoes or rubber shoes and sometimes its a pain and not so fasyon :) i would like my YS to take me back again in SanFo and walk me thru Golden Gate and Golden gate park thsi coming spring :)..

thanks and hope to win :)

Rose said...

I'd love to go to Paris and see the Eiffel Tower in all its glory. I'd also want to go to London and "meet" the Royal Family, to Santorini in Greece, and to Rome to be blessed by the Pope. Locally, my dream getaway is El Nido, where I'll be in September.

risey p. said...

I dream that my Yosi Samras could take me to my dream country, Japan and walk with me like a fairy in this falling petals of cherry blossom flowers :)

catherine joy mendoza said...

Being well-travelled, I've been to some asian and european cities. One destination that I will look forward to wearing my Yosi Samra is Japan . I have always been fascinated by their unique culture, scenery and technology. From vending machines for almost anything, Drinks to Noodles, to Hot food, it's quite a sight to be amused and look forward to. I've always loved Japanese food! From Sashimis, to Rolls, almost everything japanese I would love to eat! Looking forward to those Onigiri (rice balls) amazingly formed to animal shapes and almost everything else you can think of! I've always been told how the way the people treat you, very courteous, polite and very helpful. Last but not the least, the breathtaking scenery I will look forward to. Being able to go when the Cherry Blossoms bloom will be the best experience in Japan :)

may anne geneblazo said...

Japanese food and cherry blossoms. These are my reasons in wanting to go to Japan. But Japan is so much more than my superficial reasons.

Japan's rich tradition and culture is very evident in its people, customs and festivals, structures and yes, food. Despite of this, Japan is also the epitome of modernism and technology which can be seen on how their people live their mundane lives.

Yosi Samra's classic look but modern comfort is a spot on match for Japan's rich tradition and culture but modern lifestyle.

Japan is the place to explore to "road test" your Yosi Samra. Serene yet bustling. Traditional yet modern. All these and more you'll experience in Japan. Kanpai!

Unknown said...

I want my new Yosi Samra to take me to Palau Island! =) I have always wanted to take the road less traveled. Yes, I would also love to see the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre but what's really on top of my bucket list is Palau. The place is just so relaxing. One would think that a pair of ballet flats is not fit in an island, but Palau is not just about the beach. It also boasts of its rich culture and history. It is pretty much a small island so this means a lot of walking! My Yosi Samra would definitely be the best companion for my feet. =)

Anonymous said...

One of my dream destinations is to go to Istanbul Turkey and stand on the Bosphorus Bridge; the one which connects Asia and Europe. This would be breathtaking for me as I am able to see and stand on the place wherein the two continents meet. Just imagining the view from there and be mesmerized by that fact is really awesome. And that is where I want to take my Yosi Samra.


mymommyology said...

There we go! :)

My dream destination is the Poseidon Underwater Resort. The first of the chains was supposed to open on Fiji Island in 2008, however it is still reportedly "under construction".

I love the concept of an underwater hotel. Prior to motherhood, one of my passions was scuba diving, and my husband and I would travel the different parts of the world looking for the best diving destination sites. Fiji was on the list.

But imagine, diving with the beauty of the ocean during the day, and still being able to SLEEP with the water and the fish around you at night! There's so much one can see and love and enjoy in the underwater world, I don't think I'd ever get tired of it!

And now that I have kids (and I don't dive anymore), I'd love to take my kids here too. It's the perfect way to take them into this other world that we may never get to "see" together in this lifetime.

Does that make me a fish-wannabe? ;)

Wonder Woman said...

I want my Yosi Samras to take me all around the world to revisit all of the places that I visited during my childhood, but wasn't able to appreciate at the time.

I want them to take me to statue of Lorelei in Germany, where the air is crisp, clear and salt-water-y and I want to jump from brick to brick on the Sound of Music steps in Austria while singing Do Re Mi and I want to run around Keukenhof and count how many different colored flowers I can find..

I want to climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower - on foot this time - and take in the breathtaking view while holding my boyfriend's hand in one hand and my daughter's hand in the other. I want to be able to enjoy life, one step at a time, and not take anything for granted - my comfy Yosi Samras included.

D said...

If I will be given the time, opportunity and money, I want to take my Yosi Samras to London to literally visit the queen. Haha! I want to at least have a photo op by the gate of Buckingham Palace. I know I may not be able to make the Yosi Samras experience the lush green grass of its garden and the shiny floor of its interiors, but the fact that I will be standing in front of it is enough for me.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be just wonderful to feel the cool early morning breeze on your face while wandering the cobbled streets of old Paris in your capris and Yosi Samras? Imagine passing by pâtisseries and and catching a whiff of freshly baked bread while taking in everything else that's going on around you as you take your sweet time finding your way to that intimate corner café.

Oh, what I would give to find myself a quiet corner outside it with a good book, some éclairs and a hot cup of freshley brewed coffee... <3


Unknown said...

I want Yosi Samra to take me back to London! Please?! PleasE?!

Anonymous said...

This is my ultimate dream, Japan!

Here is my partial itinerary:

- Where to stay: Kyoto, Japan during the months of March or April.

- Check-in at Ryokan Shimizu (traditional accommodation).

- What to eat : Aside from ramen, sushi, takoyaki and udon, must try:

Yudofu - soft tofu simmered with vegetables in broth

Obanzai Ryori - made up of multiple small dishes that are usually quite simple to prepare

- What to see: Cherry Blossoms


Kawayuka along the Kamogawa River

- What to buy: Chazutsu - tea canister

Kitkat in different flavors

Although the temperature might be a little cold, need to bring coats and scarves plus Yosi Samra for all the walking and sightseeing.

Cecil Li

Daisy said...

Vienna, Austria. Because I am Celine by heart, and would love to meet my Jesse in the train.

Kidding aside, strolling around the Schönbrunn Palace, Tiergarten Schönbrunn, the Albertina, Donauturm, riding the Wiener Riesenrad in my Yosi Samras would be my ultimate dream vacation coming true.

Krystle said...

Ever since I gave birth to my 1st baby girl -Cassie, I've never stopped dreaming every single day as to where I can take along Dada and our little princess. I've always loved traveling (given the chance and budget of course). I always prepare in details what to bring and to what to wear from Day 1 until the very last day of the trip - what top to wear, wat bottoms to bring and re-use (travel light!) and most importantly what shoes to bring which would give me the ultimate comfort to last me the whole day since traveling always entails long walks of touring and shopping of course! I've always been a lover of "Flats" because of its versatility - light packing + ultimate comfort. It's the best travel buddy that can't ruin anyone's trip. For as long as our precious feet won't get blisters, let's continue walking for as long as we can and explore! Now that I have my little family and traveling is yet to be planned (since baby just turned 1 year old last month) it has always been my dream to go to JAPAN. I have never been to Japan. My fascination all things Japan stemmed out from movies which features Japan attractions such as - Tokyo Drift, Karate Kid, Ramen Girl and of course Hachiko. :)

I dream of Japan because I want to see and taste the vast delicious dishes with the likes of Sushi and the famous Fish Market even if it means I have to wake up at 4am - go lang! and authentic Ramen, experience their cultures and technology and see their beautiful architecture.

What a better way to experience everything by bringing the whole family right? :) I'm sure our baby girl will enjoy too!

But for a 1-2 weeks maximum stay, I want to be able to visit a majority of the places they say are a "must go". Here are my dream places to go to and see when we finally step in Japan on our family vacation:

1. Shinjuku - I heard this is the world's largest and busiest railway station and is also the largest entertainment and shopping district. I want to experience the buzz of the people especially in the morning when people are off to work or someplace. What a rush!
2. Ginza - This they say is like 5th Avenue of New York City which I truly love! It is a famous shopping district for designer brands, Nightlife and the famous Neon lights you can see in the buildings. Cassie loves lights, I'm sure she'll enjoy a night out in Ginza.
3. Shibuya - HACHIKO! I cried a lot watching this movie and this will always be on my list - I want to see the statue of Hachiko that was built adjacent to the station.
4. Harajuku - Who doesn't live Harajukus or Animes? This could be a fun daytime entertainment for us families to see dress-up animes and Japanese princesses walking everywhere, right in front of you. It's like being transformed inside a cartoon show for a time!
5. Ueno Park - This place, I'm sure the family would enjoy - I've always dreamt of seeing and touching CHERRY BLOSSOMS. Wouldn't it be nice to have a family shoot underneath the cherry blossom trees? Aaaah. Bliss. :)
6. Mt. Fuji - Given the chance, I want to be able to climb Mt. Fuji and see the sunrise.
7. Since we will be bringing our baby girl along with us, there should be destinations as well where she would enjoy her trip - thinking of bringing her to Ueno Zoo and Tokyo Sea Life Park which I heard are beautiful places to go to with kids and of course... TOKYO DISNEYLAND! I think it won't be just Cassie who will enjoy.
8. There are still more places to go to on my list that I dream of going to in Japan. 1-2 weeks is not enough I guess. - I want to see the Tokyo National Museum, Tokyo Imperial Palace and the Shinjuku National Garden.

So many beautiful places to go to! And this is just 1 country palang. What a beautiful world we have, so many beautiful things to see.

Never hurt to dream right?

Maybe in 2 years we can finally say KONICHIWA to Japan. :)

Unknown said...

For me? It's just simple, I want my Yosi Samras to take me everywhere it could go with my loved one baby boy! If my baby is beside me always, I can take all the risk and aim high! <3

ladymishel said...

I heart traveling. If I could travel the world in this lifetime I'll take my Yosi Samras wherever continent my adventurous feet would take me. Be it north to south or east to west, together we will make happy memories. I know it takes a real footwear to fill my shoes and I believe Yosi Samras will live to my expectations. Its comfort, durability and toughness will bring me to my dream destinations. Cheers to endless possibilities, cheers to our exciting journey and beyond.

Unknown said...

I want my soon to be YOSI SAMRA pair to KorEA!! It really looks comfortable that I think its perfect to stroll around SEOUL City!!! Thanks MFO and Yosi Samra for the Giveaway!!

Valerice said...

I want my Yosi Samra to take me to Bangkok's Shopping Haven. Where in every girl can tirelessly walk in the world's most comfy shoes while shopping. That simply means unlimited shopping spree.

Apart from Shopping, I want to discover Thailand's food cuisine. So, that would simply mean endless restaurant and food stall hopping.

And lastly, Thailand's rich culture manifested in different tourist attractions such as the Grand Palace and Ayuthaya.

Katherine said...

I've been itching to go back to Rome...Yosi Samras are perfect for strolling on the cobblestone streets...Ciao Roma!

Czarina Maye said...

Being the ultimate travel junkie, I love walking and experiencing the life/culture of the places I go to.

One of my travel must-haves whenever traveling here or abroad is a good old pair of plain black flats. They go with almost anything and everything in my closet! ;)

So if given a chance to upgrade my flats to Yosi Samra, I'd definitely wear them on a dream trip to New York, USA.

New York has got to be the best walking city around the world. You get to see everything -- from the architecture to the people, their businesses, the street life. As in everything, just by walking!

Roda said...

I've been to Japan so many times, in fact I lived there for three years, but the literalist in me says that I went there for work, so work I did! I'd like to go back and enjoy it, I'd like to give Japan and myself a second chance, and to make it sweet why not do it with a pair of Yosi Samra!

I've always been in awe at how a place so technologically advanced was able to maintain its tradition, would you believe a sumo wrestler inside a 7-11 buying things?! or old ladies so regal in their traditional kimono riding a train?! It is true and normal. Not only tradition but also nature is so well preserved, it's not a surprise that you'll see a very beautiful park lined with very enchanting sakura trees tucked in the middle of the very busy Tokyo. Japanese are so appreciative of nature that even firefly watching is enjoyed! A late-night walk in a park in Fukouka with thousands of fireflies dancing is so magical! Late night illumination is a thing in Japan, imagine walking in parks lighted with lamps with someone you love, oh so romantic!

As they say if you want to enjoy a place go where the locals go, enjoy what the locals do! Japanese are known to be uptight, but during festivals they loosen up, so it's the best opportunity to mingle. Wear their yukata and enjoy the colorful festivities.

Of course let's not forget about the food! I already have a list in mind whenever I hear Japan and food in one sentence, the yakisoba from the cute chef in Chuorinkan station, the king crabs from Hokkaido, katsudon from Tonkatsu-Waku, the street foods during festivals, and the one thing that I always enjoy, nabe shared with friends in my sensei's home.

Oh Yosi Samra take me back to Nihon!

Anonymous said...

My Yosi Samras flats will take me to Kyoto, Japan. I am a city girl and a city traveler at heart, preferring the shopping, wine and dine, and rock n'roll eclectics of the bustling streets of Hong Kong, Macau, and if in Japan, the neon lights of Tokyo. I am not much of a history buff on the road, but Kyoto is the one exception. Brimming with stories of samurai, clashing katanas, blood-stained kimonos, and epic war lords, the time-preserved walls and stones of Kyoto build a living, breathing, vivid watercolor painting of a city, calling to be unraveled. I can get there by plane or by the Shinkansen line to see a monk in meditation at Katsura River, pay respects at the Kinkaku-Ji temple, and explore the Kyoto Imperial Palaca of legend. If I am lucky, I might just catch the sakura blossoms as they take flight, or even run into a descendant of a shogun.

Conchita said...

I want to bring my new Yosi Samra pair to Machu Picchu in Peru. I have always been fascinated with old civilizations and history. And of course, I wanna look good while riding a llama!

Rica of Ang Kaladkarin said...

Dear MFO,

It's been 3 years in the making but this coming September, I'm finally going to my DREAM destination - Santorini! When I listed it down in my list of places to go to, I really thought it was just an unattainable dream. Thanks to the competitive prices of airlines, travel is made easier and more accessible to everyone.

It is overwhelming that I am this close to my dream. I keep having cartwheels in my heart. It's just insane. I've never been one of those people who always got what they dreamed for so this is definitely a huge deal for me.

I've been thinking of what comfy shoes to bring with me on this epic dream holiday and the timing of this contest is just perfect because a lot of people have recommended the brand,

I'm hoping to be one of the winners so I can bring Yosi with me in September! =)

Margaret Gomez said...

Dear Yosi Samra,

Please bring me to Sanrio World in Japan. I've always been a Sanrio fan and there's always a little kid inside me even I'm in my 20's now. If you can bring me there, It will not just be a dream come true but also I'll be YOSI.

Y- young, wild and free-spirited lady who will make the most of my time and enjoy the beauty of the place no matter what happen and no matter how the world will see her. What's important is she will
O- overcome her dreams, live her life to the fullest and
S-ee the beauty of her world under her eyes. And lastly, I'll make this experience as an
I- inspiration to move further and to achieve more of my dreams.

All the best,

admin said...

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ceemee said...

My dream is to visit the emerald islands of Ireland and I hope my Yosi Samras could take me there. They could take me on a tour of the lush green grass of the farm valleys and along its rocky coastline. They could take me to walk on the Irish castles and make me feel like a princess lost in time and fairytales. They could take me shopping for souvenirs and to Irish pubs, and maybe go dancing to lilting Irish music. They could take me to the end of the rainbow, maybe discover a gleaming pot of gold and a tricky leprechaun there. They could also take me to see the goodlooking guys of Westlife, Boyzone and the gals of The Corrs.

daps said...

i want to win! :)

Glenn Encinares said...

It was my long time dream to explore Paris, France. Paris was known as being the most beautiful and romantic of all cities, it has great architectures, old buildings and infrastructures. I want to walk on their street, wearing the very comfortable Yosi Samras flat shoes. I want to walk around and discover this place that was also called as City of Light and known as Fashion Capital. I will feast my eyes with colourful and beautiful fashion finds from clothing to luxurious jewelleries. For long hours of window shopping it’s good to have a companion that will give our foot a comfort; I will wear a fair of metallic Yosi Samra shoes paired with black blazer, skinny jeans and accessories, and I’m ready to shop.
I want also to eat some of French cuisine or sit down and relax on cafe just beside the street and watch people pass by. I love sweets, so, I will try French pastries and desserts, and top to my list is French macaroons.
And I will never leave Paris, France without souvenir photos of Eiffel Tower. Eiffel Tower is France famous landmark; it’s an iron lattice tower, the tallest structure in Paris and the most-visited monument in the world.

daps said...

Jaipur India. Jaipur known as the Pink City, Jaipur is a land of natural beauty and great history of travel destinations. It is 3rd on my bucket list and i am fascinated by its vibrancy and architecture.

Mhine said...

I am a mother if two and would like to walk with my kids on a Yosi Samra in one of the many amazing adventures in their life at Disneyland Florida where "Dreams do come true"


dianamagat said...

I want to wear Yosi Samra flats when we go to a well deserved vacation in Hong Kong. With my hubby and daughter in tow I would definitely need to be wearing a versatile and very comfy footwear when we go round the city, see the animals in Ocean Park, watch the light show at night, spend a day in Disneyland, which my daughter would really enjoy, and a tour of Macau.

Yosi Samra flats are great for travelling. Easy to pack, goes with any outfit and most of all comfortable when you take very long walks.

It has been a tough month for us and I'm so excited for our coming vacation.

Thanks in advance MFO and Yosi Samra!

Joyce said...

I would like Yosi Samras to take my 3 yrs. old daughter and me to Hongkong Disneyland. It will be much fun, stylish and comfortable for both of us to stroll and play around.

We will go around Disneyland looking for her favorite characters, and we will ride a carousel, which is her favorite ride. She’ll be amaze to see beautiful fireworks. Imagining it, this will be one of her most memorable day. :D

Jacqueline llamas said...

After 4 years of medical school, 1 year of postgraduate internship and 3 years of residency in pediatrics, it's about time for a much needed vacation. I hope this yosi Samra flats accompany me to one of my dream destination..Russia. I would like to walk around the kremlin in these flats, take a picture in front of saint basil's cathedral and be immersed in Russia's rich culture and heritage. I'm sure this trip will be one for the books.

Meryl said...

Hi MFO! I want my Yosi Samra to take me to Batanes because I want to fulfill these things:

I will be mesmerized by the island and I will chase its gorgeous colors: the verdant hills against the azure waves, the tan cogon roofs sticking out here and there, the stark white lighthouses standing tall and proud.

I will do a Maria and sing The Sound of Music while skipping in its lush, tumbling hills. I will lie down on the grass and wait for nature to seep through my shirt and on to my skin.

I will look for the most famous woman on the island, Aling Ida, who happens to live on Dakay, the island's oldest house. I will sit with her, listen to her, and hopefully get the simple wisdom that comes with age.

I will climb a lighthouse and watch the rolling landscape unfold under me. The breeze will be blowing my hair everywhere and for once, I will not give a damn how messy it will be after.

I will run my fingertips through the weathered, stone houses that survived countless of typhoons. I will feel their strength vibrate through me.

I will visit Honesty Coffee Shop (even if I don't do coffee) and leave more money than I am expected to. I will be reminded that there's still some goodness and purity left in this world.

I will sit amongst the rocks on sundown, and let myself be swallowed by the rising fog. I will feel its cold arms wrapping around me as nighttime falls and I will not feel alone.

Because, really, with the island's encompassing beauty, you will never feel alone.

(Originally posted here:

- Meryl

anabelle said...

I'd love Yosi Samras to take me to Japan with my husband for our anniversary! I'd love to visit Akihabara and eat sushi and experience the Japanese culture. I think no matter what the distance as long as you're enjoying the walks and waering uber comfy flats, you're good to go! I would love to win a pair of Yosi Samras!

Bernice said...

Salzburg, Austria

Take me to breathtaking Salzburg, Austria! Yosi samras would be this busy mom's best friend during a tour of this scenic place where The Sound of Music was filmed. I would love to march around and explore Mirabell Gardens where the Von Trapp children and Maria sang "Do-Re-Mi". Imagine strolling along Captain Von Trapp's backyard at Leopoldskron Palace and have a photo of my family taken at the lake where Maria and the kids famously made a splash. Then, we'll sing a long to "16 going on 17" at the gazebo in Hellbrunn Palace. Wish we can have a picnic with Salzburg's beautiful landscape as background like in the film too! After, I'd love to have a stroll on Getreidegasse. It would be fun to do a little shopping at the modern and traditional shops in this pretty shopping alley. The place is so charming and romantic with it's old fashion passageways and houses. Boutique names written on metal guild signs added a nice touch. After shopping, wouldn't it be lovely to sit and people watch at one of the cafes there?

New York.

Another place i'd love to go to is New York. There are a million and one things i love about this city that I hope I can share with my family one day. No tours, just us exploring the city on foot and public transportation (hello, metrocard unlimited pass!) This would be one big great adventure for us stopping by scenic Central Park, having a photo-op at the majestic Brooklyn Bridge, gazing up at the beautiful ceiling of Grand Central, having fun at The Met and The Museum of Natural History, bargain hunting at TJ Maxxx, Marshall's, and Woodbury Commons, and eating to our heart's content! You wouldn't want to missed out on honey roasted peanuts being sold at the streets, the 99cents NY pizzas, or New York staples like Shake Shack and Grey Papaya's. Oh, how i miss those huge and chunky cookies by Levain Bakery or the banana pudding at Magnolia's and would love some frrrozen hot chocolate at Serendipity after a day of shopping and exploring the City. Can't wait for this vacation to happen someday!

Unknown said...

I would like Yosi Samras to take me back to HK specifically at Disneyland so I may bring along my kids this time. My firstborn will be able to see his favorite character Mickey Mouse and my daughter will be able to have a glance with the different Disney Princesses while my husband and I will watch our kids enjoy the whole time we will be spending in Disneyland.

And who says its for the kids only? Of course with Yosi Samras, I will be able to walk and stroll with happy feet! Such a happy vacation.... <3

betty said...

I wore my yosi samra tumbled leather in navy and quilted pewter when I went to Singapore. Amazing shoes! Gave me comfort while riding the Singapore flyer, while going up the Skypark on top of the Marina Bay Sands, while exploring Universal Studios.. while visiting the famous Merlion structure... and the list goes on.... would love to bring my son there in Singapore coz i am sure he will enjoy it there, this time with my new Yosi Samra giveaway ballet flats:)....

Candie said...

Hello there :)

I would like my Yosi Samras to take me to this wonderful place, known as the city of love <3

Imagine to go to this place, reach the very peak of the tower, and admire the cityscape with your loved one. Romantic isn't it? :)

Take down the stroll during the night not having to worry about having "foot-aches" because of those long walks. Yosi Samra will take you to far places without having to worry or getting tired that easily :)

Thank you!

Marj Reyes said...

Me and my Yosi Samra in Spain! Yay! :-)

Walking through quaint alleys of historic architecture in Spain would be a dream!

Spain is my dream travel destination, it is filled with years rich of history, arts and culture . I can imagine that there is so much to see and discover that will enrich oneself and end up beautifully inspired. I dream to admire Gaudi's masterpieces, especially the La Sagrada Familia, and just be in awe of its greatness. There is something about this unfinished piece of art with its oddly shaped structure that I hope to be able to witness someday. I can already imagine myself being simply amazed with the intricacies of the architecture and art that I will be surrounded with in this dream destination.

Litzie said...

Hello YS and MFO.

Because I haven't been to Europe, I would love my Yosi Samra to take me to Paris and Italy. It has been a lifelong dream to see the Eiffel Tower and ride a gondola in Venice and see the Vatican City as well.

I would also love to go back to the United States, this time with my husband and my son, they haven't been there and I'm sure it will be more fun to build wonderful memories with them in tow.

evyan antoinette demafelix said...

i want Yosi Samra to take me to my ultimate dream destination, Paris!:) where every corner is picturesque and every photo is post card worthy! :) For a day of walking and sight seeing, a pair of super comfy yet fashionable shoes like YS will be my bestfriend. and oh, a camera ofcourse! :)

Madette Bernardo said...

One photo does not do justice to what this country can offer a tourist. May it be a trip back to the past, with all the vintage cars still revving up their engines on the streets of Havana, or a trip back to nature, with its rich preservation of the best-tasting coffee and tobacco plantations in the Viñales Valley and feel that natural Caribbean breeze. Not to mention that from this small country, 8 of its places made it in the UNESCO World Heritage List, and it still gets to have untouched beaches, in which you can feel your feet sink to the sand and just bury yourself to the whiteness of it. Cuba is such a rich country culturally and naturally. It has always been in my bucket list of places to go, and it would be a shame if I don't bring me back a piece.

Unknown said...

I want to take my Yosi Samra's to my honeymoon in Korea next year. Eat, shop, stroll and bask in Korean culture. :)

danadel said...

I've always wanted to go to Brazil. First, it was because of my Havaianas craze back in the days. Now that I am a little over it, my desire to go to this place in the South American/Latin American region has never faded. I had high hopes as a tourist visa is not needed for Filipinos traveling to this country. I admit though that I forgot about it for a while since it'll take a lot of moolah to go to Rio. The pics during the recent World Youth Day in Brazil made me envy my classmate who's a part of that event. This made me, all the more crave to visit Christ the Redeemer overlooking a beautiful and panoramic Rio de Janeiro, take a cable car ride to get to the peak of Sugarloaf Mountain and a dip in the Copacobana beach to cap off a tiring day.

Anonymous said...

I would like my Yosisamra to take me to the beautiful beaches and island of our country. I want to explore and discover the true beauty of the Philippines just like the saying goes "Love your own". :)

Unknown said...

Various places in South Africa really interests me, but one particular place that really caught me the most is MOROCCO. With long beaches fortress with various ports, lush deserts, exquisite historical structures, rich culture, and succulent food that can satisfy our taste buds, I know it'll be the perfect getaway destination.

I would really love to wander and get lost in the busy streets of Djeema El-Fna in Makkarech wherein the snake charmers, colorful tapestries, various spices can be seen in the morning and as the days goes by, the place transforms into the festive mood as the music starts to fill the air, belly dancers dancing and magicians ready to amuse the people, and food stalls starts to occupy the square. In there, you would really see how rich the Moroccan culture is. Another place place that I would love to see in Morocco is Casablanca and experience the "Rick's cafe" which was made designed to recreate the bar made famous by Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman in the movie classic, Casablanca. And lastly, I would want to relax, in Legzira beach. This fine beach, with natural sea-worn rock archways, 10km north of Sidi Ifni, is overlooked by an old Spanish fort from the hills above.

I know the Morocco trip would bring me a lot of walking and by conquering the various places in Morocco in comfort and in style would be perfect using a Yosi Samra flats.

Aviva said...

I want to take my Yosi Samras to Lake Baikal in Russia, the oldest and deepest lake in the world. I'd like to taste its mineral-rich waters and possibly take a glimpse of its rich biodiversity. I'd like to see its beauty in both sunset and sunrise.

After drinking in the beauty of nature, I'd like to feed my mind by visiting the many museums in the area.

Jackie Go said...

If there's one place I want to take my YS to it would have to be in France. As much as I want to tour the entire Europe, it just isn't practical if you have kids in tow. So whether Mr. GJG and I are bringing the kids or not, it's a must that my shoes for a backpacking trip to France is YS. I'd go to the top destinations in France.

First off, we'll start our French journey in France's second largest city, Marseille. It is one of Europe's oldest cities and has Roman ruins, medieval architecture. Next we'd go to France's third largest city which is Lyon. It is known for its historic architecture and vibrant cultural scene. Then off we go to Nice to enjoy the beautiful beaches, get a tan and do some serious shopping and enjoy the colorful attractions at the seaside. After getting ourselves a tan, we head to Bordeaux to observe and admire the fine architecture, historic sites and do another round of exceptional shopping while being immersed in their word-class arts and culture scene. Plus a quick drive through the surrounding wine country where we can see vineyards and chateaux. Lastly, we'd end our trip in the most romantic city in the world, Paris. I've always wanted to go here (who doesn't?) have a photo under the Eiffel tower with the one you love and even do OOTDs perfect to wear my pair of Yosi Samra! The City of Lights, Love and Capital of Fashion is the perfect city to end our trip to France. I can see myself having a lovely time at a quaint cafe showing off my Parisienne side while wearing my Yosi Samras! ;) Oui! Oui!

Unknown said...

I want my Yosi Samras to take me to Jodhpur, India's blue city.

At first glance, you'd think you're in Mykonos or some part in Greece because of the familiar swatches of blue and white covering the houses. With beaches in my mind for almost 100% of the time, that’s what I thought too. But taking a closer look, the shade is not cerulean but powdery blue -- a softer sight that what you normally expect from the country’s surge of color. I’d haggle with shop owners in the bazaar while exploring inside the city walls under the Indian sun. When it gets too hot I’d seek shelter in the comfort of sipping a cold strawberry lassi by a café near the road. And when the day is almost done, I’d make my salutation to the sun with the little yoga knowledge I have. Rewarded, I would see the night fall, turning the city in to a deep blue shade like the sea; with little yellow lights glowing and welcoming me to a new home.

Going to India has been in my bucket list ever since I could remember, and out of all the cities, Jodhpur will be my first destination. :)

Denise said...

Hi Christine! Thanks for this wonderful opportunity from you, MFO, and Yosi Samra.

Yosi Samra, please take me to Toronto, city of many cultures, home of the Raptors and Maple Leafs. I want to explore the abundant, green parks, and the beaches that line the shore of Lake Ontario. I want learn about the art, the culture, and the history that Toronto's many museums and historic sites such as the Art Gallery of Ontario and the Royal Ontario Museum. I want to experience the thrill of hearing the big cats roar and the soft, cuddly feeling of seeing cute penguins in Toronto Zoo. I want to scream my lungs out as I try every big, exciting ride Canada's Wonderland has to offer. I want to understand more about the world around us in the Ontario Science Center. I want to eat 'til I drop in Toronto's many restaurants. I want to feast with all my senses in the St. Lawrence Market, touted as one of the best in the world.

But really, Toronto isn't exactly a dream destination for many. I could have easily chosen France or Japan, as both countries have this magnetic energy that keeps on pulling me towards them. I chose Toronto not just because of the sights and sounds it has to be offer. I want Yosi Samra to take me to Toronto, where my heart and home is.

My husband and I have been apart for almost two years now. We have applied for my permanent residence, and are waiting for that visa. He lives in the Greater Toronto Area, and calls Toronto his home. He loves the city and tells me about it whenever he can. Not only do I long to go to Toronto, but I want to be where he is. I miss him. He has my heart and where he is, there is home.

So please, Yosi Samra. Take me to Toronto, and into the arms of the one I love.

Mara Tutay said...

Someday, when the time is right, I'll pack our bags and fly off to Ireland. I imagine waking up to the smell of my husband's freshy brewed coffee with the Ring of Kerry or the Cliffs of Moher just a stone's throw away. I'd slip on my Yosi Samras, let my feet carry me and take me through the majestic wonders of Ireland as I stare in awe at the marvel of God's work. Everyday would be a new day, a mini adventure, with so little time and so much to do.

I'd grab my daughter's hand as I take her to visit old castles such as the Cahir Castle, Kilkenny Castle, Rock of Cashel and of course, the Trim Castle, where Braveheart was filmed. We'd breathe in the crisp cool air and lounge on the lush green grass while indulging ourselves on a hearty Ulster fry picnic. We'd spend the day pretending to be princesses and proper ladies. We'll brush up our Irish accents and laugh our hearts out at our lousy interpretation of it. We'd let our hair down and run around their elaborate lawns, pick up sticks and pretend to be knights and kings of the old Irish country. After all, who doesn't dream of doing a Mel Gibson and shouting "They may take our lives but they will never take away our freedom."

In the evening, I'd soak in the night spots with my husband dragging me to every pub possible, trying out each and every kind of beer (and Irish stew) at our disposal. We'd immerse ourselves with the locals and share in their stories and rich history. We'll nourish our minds and our souls, as well as feed our bodies with nourishment uniqie to Ireland. And of course, it wouldn't be complete without a trip to the Guinness Storehouse!

One day, I will pack our bags and give in to the wanderlust, but for now, a pair of Yosi Samras will do. For now, I'll take the simple adventures with my trusty travel companion, hold on to them dearly, wear them and wistfully wish that one day, my Cinderella shoes will make my dreams come true.

Kstylick said...

I really love this blog so much! :) maybe we could follow each other on Bloglovin and/or GFC, Facebook?

Please leave me a comment on my blog and follow by blog!

You can also like my Facebook page.

I will follow you back! :)

queenikkibee said...

I would love to take my Yosi Samra to Paris and explore the city of lights and chicness with My daughter. have crepes by the street and just immense in the city's awesome sight and treats. It'll be the best trip to take with the little girl and allow ourselves to be mesmerized by the culture, fashion and all things Paris -- and then we'll be on our way to being the next fashionable lawyer in town :)

JCCabanez said...

I’d like to take my Yosi Samras to a tour of the vibrant and colorful capital of our country – Manila! Travelling to new and exotic locations around the world is definitely fun, but nothing beats home. I’d walk within the walls of Intramuros, visit Luneta and take a food trip in Binondo! I find that in Manila, there is always something new to discover and experience every time. Not to mention, touring Manila would also help in efforts at reviving its former glory 

cheekeegirl said...

I'd like to ramp my Yosi Samara's in Singapore and Monaco. Singapore simply because it's nice to ramp around there with it's clean environment, shopping spree and not so far away from home. Monaco because it houses the rich and famous. It's a small place which is not very cramp and its near other European countries that I love to travel to.

Jen Munsayac said...

I would love the Yosi Samra to take me to Japan..
Anywhere and everywhere in Japan. It has always been a dream of mine. I am in love with their culture, their food, their language. I love how they put their heart and soul in everything they do. The smallest of gifts/packages are thought of so meaningfully that they become extraordinary..

Melody Co said...

Given the chance, I'd like to take my Yosi Samra to Korea this August! You see it's the country that inspired me to travel and blog about my experiences. I found myself walking and walking the whole day but at that time, I could only do it with rubber shoes! haha. Well, I just won a trip to Korea and I will be amongst Korean stars during that time. Time to up my game and dress up a bit naman diba? haha. We'll be going to Jeju for the walking trail, doing shopping and a night of partying in Seoul too. I also need a companion for my flight hehe. I need to be able to slip out and on my shoes for airport security checks and curl up on my seat aboard the plane to start and end my trip right =) I want Yosi Samra to take me to a whole new level of comfort when it comes to traveling to Korea and walking all-day long.

I would like to encourage you to go to Korea too and Be Inspired =) It's a great place to take the family too!


Melody Co

Macy Guido-Lee said...

I want my Yosi Samras to take me to Paris, France! I can already imagine myself marvelling at the sight of the Arc de Triomphe, inhaling history at the Louvre Museum, being amazed by Notre Dame Cathedral and seeing the whole of Paris from the Eiffel Tower. This would be followed by a night time show at the Moulin Rouge. Oh and don't forget strolling along Champs-Élysées with a hot baguette or croissant on hand, followed by macarons at Laduree or Pierre Herme! Now THAT is life.

cheryll ann said...

I would like to fly with my Yosi Samra to San Francisco, CA where my parents and brother's family are. I would like to play with my nieces in the park, bring them to school, drive around the quiet yet busy Foster City, the posh Santana Row and serene Monterey. I bet I could spend the whole day tirelessly with my Yosi Samra in Gilroy and Paragon Outlets!

Another place I would like to see is Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. This had been my home for almost four years and been home of my husband for more than thirty years now. I'd like to walk through the souk again. For sure my Yosi Samra would look nice and bright against my long black abaya! Wearing black from head to ankle, a bright Yosi Samra would be my armor against the heat and sand! It'll be fun and easy to ride the camel with my Yosi Samra!

These two destinations are both long haul flights, but, thanks to Yosi Samra, achy and tired feet aren't a problem anymore! It'll be so much easier and comfortable to queue and walk around the airports and duty free plus inside the aircraft with these foldable flats!

Unknown said...

My Yosi Samras will take me to Paris, France. It's my dream to go there. Actually, I've been saving a percentage of my allowance so that I have enough money to finance my trip there. I'm planning to go there once I graduated and passed the CPA board exam. I'm currently in my 5th year now, so maybe I'll go there on 2014 or 2015. I find the place really romantic. I want to travel there alone. Haha. Hopin that I'll find my prince charming there. LOL. No, I just want to experience travelling alone so that I can roam around France without bothering any companion. By that, I can decide for my own. :)

Bea Dacanay said...


I'd like my Yosi Samras to take me to Nantucket Island in Massachussetts. There are other places to visit in the US aside from the "usual suspects" SFO, LA, NYC, Vegas and Nantucket is one that's not yet fully explored by many. I'm quite intrigued with the small town/preppy vibe of Nantucket.

Nantucket is an island with a beautifully preserved village that posseses pristine beauty, a charming downtown, picturesque cliffs and beaches, colorful gardens, iconic lighthouses, historic homes, that serves as a perfect setting to any story, like what Nicholas Sparks usually describes in his novels. I have read about Nantucket many times before and it will be a dream come true for me in this life time to be able to go there-- just like the preppy old rich does when they need to unwind during the summer break.

Nantucket has no traffic lights, neon signs and fast food chains, which is very perfect for anyone who wants to get lost in its cobblestone streets lined up with art galleries, small cafes, and restaurants. They have a free weekly newspaper available in most local shops and restaurants, which has a detailed map of the island. From there, you can lose yourself in Nantucket's rich culture by walking comfortably with your Yosi Samras :) There is also a 26-mile bike path along the shore which is a perfect way to explore the island--- no need to rent a car! Boating around Nantucket is very popular since the harbor is full of yachts, sailboats, fishing boats. Nantucket was known before as whaling capital of the world.. and thus, whale watching can be done if you have kids and if you are a kid at heart.

The entire island is a historical landmark since there are still 800 homes built before the civil war and still beautifully preserved up to this day. There are small bed and breakfasts I can imagine myself checking in and afterwhich, I'd get myself to munch on some local yummy treats like those in the Nantucket Bake shop, since lines tend to get long and their very popular donuts really get wiped out very quick! Or better yet, set up a picnic and buy some food from the deli shop and enjoy the cool winds and watch the sunset overlooking the Atlantic ocean on top of 3 of Nantucket's famous lighthouses

Whether your single, in a relationship or already have a family, I think Nantucket is indeed one of a kind dream getaway.

And in my dream getaway, I'd like my Yosi Samra to be with me :)

stacy | said...

I would like to fly to Europe and stand on the cobble brick roads as I view the sun rise and feel the wind caress my hair and my skin. I'll take my time to appreciate the beauty of my surroundings, the architecture, the heat of the sun, the clear sky,the time which seems slow and calm and myself...the last piece of a living art from head to toe with my colorful dress and simple yet classy pair of Yosi Samra

Jo-Ann T Caberoy said...

I love to enjoy my Yosi this October for Maskara Festival. There is no better way to celebrate your hometown's festivity but with a pair of fabulous and comfy flats. The great part is, I will be with my family after years of not seeing them.Excited. :-)

undessaded said...

I would like to explore the outdoor markets, museums and churches of Barcelona, Spain with my Yosi Samra.

Ariane Lachica said...

I would like a pair of Yosi Samra to take me to New York City where dreams, when paired with affirmative action, come true. With all the art surrounding such a great city I will surely have twinkle toes exploring it especially if I'm wearing a pair of Yosi Samra.

sjyu89 said...

Probably one of the oldest inhabited place on earth, the gateway to Mt Kilimanjaro, Africa's highest peak, and the Serengeti National Park filled to the brim with gazelles and wildebeests and zebras, Tanzania is a land filled with promise of adventure, where one cannot help but be awe inspired of God's wonderful creations.

Yet beside that adrenaline rush you feel after your first wild leopard sighting, I am also after a relaxing dinner underneath the baobab trees over a glass of wine, and then capping off the trip by heading over to Zanzibar and enjoying the cool breeze as you dig your toes in white powdery sand with a mojito in hand.

A simple, fuss-free, comfortable and one-of-a-kind trip perfect with a pair of simple, fuss-free, comfortable and one-of-a-kind Yosi Samras indeed.


RachelCrz said...

I want Yosi Samra to accompany me to Japan and soak in the culture!

Unknown said...

my dream destination to wear and bring my Yosi samras would be Russia, because of its rich culture, architectural, to name a few.
one the first places that I want to visit would be the hermitage museum in saint Petersburg since it is one of the oldest and biggest in world, I wouldn't want to miss the opportunity of visiting such rich and diversified culture.
the red square and the Moscow kremlin tower for its history, and who would miss the 21.5 hectare Moscow zoo, the most famous Moscow gorky park, for those child at heart like me.
Kolomenskoye, the former royal estate. I could just imagine that visiting such place, would just make me feel like a royal even just for a day.
and lastly the St. isaacs cathedral, one of Russia's largest orthodox church, the cathedral that took 40 years to construct and where its main dome is plated with pure gold.

Anonymous said...

Ever since I was a kid, I have always dreamed about going to Japan, my father's homeland, and half of mine. When I was in high school, the dream of going and living there grew stronger.

I want to go there because 1st of all, I want to visit my grandparents graves. I didn't had the chance to know or see them, and I would like it very much for Yosi Samra to be with me there. 2nd, I want to experience the technology and the innovations Japan has to offer. 3rd, to taste the food I see from pictures and 4th, to dance around with my Yosi Samra pair with cherry blossoms falling into my head.

I want a life changing experience. I want to experience the beauty of Japan myself. :)

And I'm hoping to win a pair of Yosi Samra as well. Thank you for giving me the chance to tell or type my crazy dream :)

Anonymous said...

I would love to take my Yosi Samras to Rome, Italy.

For me, few places rival Rome in terms of its beauty, architecture, culture, history and cuisine. I imagine standing on the second tier of the Colosseum and picturing it in its heyday, with hordes of Romans in uproar just like in the scenes in Gladiator. Then, I would explore the Sistine Chapel and gaze at the world's most magnificent church ceilings and frescos handpainted by Michelangelo and other Renaissance artists. I would take a quick stroll around the fashion district in Via Condotti, with a strawberry gelato at hand. This, followed by a a romantic dinner with my husband at Imago, a Michelin-starred restaurant with a breathtaking panoramic view of the Eternal City, and devour their famed foie gras and sparkling wine risotto or a sea bass fillet marinara. I would cap off my journey with a blessing by the beloved Pope Francis at the St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. Rome is truly a place where one can eat, pray and love in the grandest manner.

It would be mindblowing to be in a place where Nero fiddled while the city burned, where Dante wrote about heaven, purgatory and hell, and Vivaldi wrote his famous Spring movement, and be a train ride away from where Galileo discovered the universe's heliocentricity -- to be there, albeit at a different time, where many of the world's greatness occurred, and where some of the world's greatest figures roamed about.

I would love to roam Rome in its centuries-old cobblestone roads, its immensely rich museums and historical sites with my super comfy Yosi Samras. I'm sure all this walking would be a breeze in them.

marissa said...

I want my Yosi Samra to take me to The Land of the Unexpected...Papua New Guinea! We'll be leaving this September and I want to win a pair of YS to bring with me.

Kathleen Lazam said...

My dream destination is South Korea. Aside from being a fan of Koreanovelas, I am also a fan of Korea's beautiful places. I am a laid-back person so it would be nice to stroll down the famous Metasequoia road. Their pavilions are also nice to visit. It would be amazing to see cherry blossoms fluttering over the ponds.

Korea also has quietly stunning historic sites that I often see on their shows. Their temples are homes of important relics. It would be serene to visit them while surrounded with flowers and trees.

Let's not forget the cutest of all places, the Teddy Bear museum! These cuddly bears model period costumes, famous paintings and even these days celebrities. I would definitely love to hug these creatures.

With Yosi Samra, I know it would be a hassle-free and memorable experience to go around South Korea.

An impatient fool said...

Remember the temple where Indiana Jones found the Holy Grail from his 3rd Movie The Last Crusade? That’s Petra. 4 hours from Amman, the capital city of Jordan, Petra is a city of rose-colored stone, carved out of Mount Hor during the 3rd century BC.

With no motorized transportation from the entrance to the temple, one has to walk (or take a camel Indiana style!) 2 kilometers from the tourist center. You will be surrounded by mountains riddled with passages and gorges. You come out the other side of this passage at The Treasury, a rock-cut temple that’s the most iconic image of Petra.

Next take 800+ hand carved steps to the Monastery where it’s intricately carved facade and views looking out over the surrounding valleys. Lastly, spend the night in Petra literally living in a cave just like Karl Pilkington from An Idiot Abroad did or maybe I can just take lots of awesome photos and stay in a comfy hotel back in Amman. :)

Eunice said...

i wish my sweet pair of yosi samra will take me to taipei101.

it will be a perfect balmy evening, with just a gentle breeze to blow through my hair and just the right amount of twinkling stars to accentuate my walk down the memory lane.

i will look out the tower and pick out places where my parents must have dated, and i will reconstruct in my mind the contented glow on their faces. i will squint for the amusement parks, the night markets, even the mountains, that i have visited as a child, and think to myself, 'what an awesome childhood that was!'

perhaps i will leave just before a tear falls, but without first waving at the sky, from where my dad can surely see me.

and i will hold the hand of my best friend as we make our way down, all prepared to cherish the memories that are to come.

camille said...

I want Yosi Samras to take me to
Y-yummy food finds in Pampanga
O-old churches in Manila
S-sunny smiles in Bacolod
I-interesting arts in Angono
S-sandy beaches of Boracay
A-admirable vinta in Zamboanga
M-man-made steps in steps in Banaue
A-astonishing Chocolate Hills in Bohol
R-rustic streets of Vigan
A-amazing reefs in Palawan
S-serene lighthouse in Batanes

Liza said...

I want yosi samras to take everywhere! I love to travel so basically every destination i would find something amusing and interesting in every place may it be local or international place :)

runbarbierun said...

Honestly, I'd take the Yosi Samra to Batanes. I had a very enlightening talk with an old gentleman while having lunch at S&R years ago. He talked about the places that he has traveled at, but he favors Batanes out of every place he's been. If Batanes can beat Rome, how can I not want to go there? :D

I haven't forgotten that conversation since!

PS probably not the most practical pair of shoes to wear, but at least it's pretty! ;)

Grae said...

I want my Yosi Samras to take me to a walk down memory lane and revisit my childhood in my hometown! It's been a couple of years since I've been home to the Visayas and I want to revisit my childhood, the places I grew up in, all the schools I attended, and see the friends and family I left behind-if not physically, at least in my mind. Probably not the best shoes to wear while reliving childhood experiences, I admit; I wouldn't dream of climbing mango trees in these shoes, but a nostalgic walk through time and memories would be made better with them.

Allyson Tutay said...

Because of the carefree and scenic descriptions of the many novels I have read, I want to go to Amsterdam, the city of Joy and Freedom, full of the richest beauty and the freest of lives. Full of the vast canals of life.

In the wee hours of the morning, I would wake up to the sound of music and the smell of the beautiful Tulips. Heartily, I would eat a most pleasurable breakfast at Albert Cupymarket.

Then, I would go cycling and talk indulgently to the fascinating and friendly Dutch, breathing each moment of their words and feeding on their rich history.

I would then walk along the ancestral and sky-scraper buildings, taking in all of its beauty. Of course, passing by the Van Gogh museum, admiring all his masterpieces.

There after, buy some raw herring and set up a pretty picnic in the Vondelpark , smiling and waving to the Dutch and other tourists. For it was a tiring morning, I would settle down and read, maybe learning the language. Then try skating there as well.

Afterwards, I would slip into my yosi samras and go to the Anne Frank house, snapping frames of Amsterdam through my lens.

I would delve into Amsterdam's colorful past at Amstetdam museum and hop on over to Museum Ons' Lieve Heer op Solder' or Joods Historisch. To study our Lord's magnificent Amsterdam.

When hunger takes over, I shall try Bitterballen and Totis. I would have to devour Poffertjes with cheese, ham, and/or veggies or sweet concoctions such as strawberries and whipped cream. With too large an appetite, I would also inhale some Stoopwafel and Koffie Verkeerd. And then be faced with a difficult decision of Limburgse Vlaai, Chocoladeletters, Stamppot or Patat to bring home.

Then, I'd make an afternoon of a hideaway at Beginjnof- a secluded garden to get away of the hustle and bustle of the city. And although it's popular with tourists, the noise levels never rise beyond a whisper.

Before my day comes to an end, I would look for a fancy place to eat, preferably one overlooking the royal blue sky and the water with the reflection of the shiny moon. Then maybe, invite myself to Café Thisjssen and visit Melkweg or Paradiso.

With a sigh, I would row the night away, staring up at the starry night. Smiling as I reflected on my day, happy it happened. Then the only thing left on my list was to hope I get to go back again. And to conclude my day, I would say," Goodbye, Amsterdam. Thank you and...I love you."

Now, I can only collect the things needed for that trip, including my yosi samras. Maybe one day, we will be able to roam the city-my yosi samras and I. We will walk the path of the country of freedom, jewels, canals, joy and to me-perfection.

Unknown said...

Hello Ms. CD_MFO and Yosi Samra team!

Ever since my teenage years, I've always wanted to go to live in New York, take note, LIVE not visit :) The Big Apple seems to have it all, I guess. First, I'd like to go to NY Times Square and savor the essence of what NYC has to offer, then go to MoMA and appreciate most if not all of the two million works of art there. Then a stroll in the WTC memorial to pay respect to the victims and unsung heroes of 9/11. After that, I'd like to go to Serendipity Cafe and taste the Golden Opulence Sundae (hey, a girl can dream, right?). Then I'd like to go to Fifth Avenue and shop (again, the dreamer in me prevails!) And of course, an NYC experience isn't complete without a ride in the subway, though I hope I'd have my friend who is a local there to be with me so I wouldn't get lost and or mugged :P Then I'd like to take a stroll in the Central Park and be accommodated at The Plaza :P

With all the walking I will be doing, I really think Yosi Samra is the most comfortable choice of footwear (naks!)

Unknown said...

As a frustrated person who loves to travel all around the world, I would love my Yosi Samra to take me to these places:

1. JAPAN: I have a college barkada who now lives and works in Japan since we graduated in College. She has lots of pictures of going here and there exploring the beauty of Japan. Her pictures gave us (viewers) or rather me a clear view on how Japan is! And this startled me to get interested with Japan. I would love to walk with my Yosi Samra to Hiroshima Peace Memorial- a historic place where Japan (oh not only Japan) will be reminded of how important our life is. How I love springs, thus our next destination will be the Jigokudani Monkey Park (not to mention the wild monkeys out there) but I wish to be near the spring and feel the hot water (well I wish to swim there as well but naaaahh never mind, i'll just sit down there, eat and feel the 'NATURE AT ITS BEST' moment) and that feeling of peace & relaxation you get near the spring. I would rush and be head over heels inlove with castles in Himeji Castle. Castles are girls reminder of a happily ever after fairytale. I wish to get inside this castle once and for all (Hope the guards would let me in.. hahah). Who can forget to visit the famous Tokyo Tower? Well, I cant! This is one of the places I would love to visit in Japan and of course I will enjoy this best with my boyfriend around. And lastly, who dont want to take a look at Mt. Fuji? But i wont climb there with my Yosi Samra of course. But someday, I dreamed of climbing there with my mountaineering friends. Lots of things to explore in Japan, well I cant tell them all here because you might get bored with my walkathon yosi samra adventure.

2. PARIS: I also have an aunt who now lives in Holland with a husband who loves to travel. I envied them for exploring Paris! Of course you would not enjoy Paris in a day as lots of places are in stored for us to visit. Here we go, as a person who loves to dance I would fight for my ticket to get in the famous Moulin Rouge where I can only see in movies. I will also take my feet to the number 1 Eiffel Tower and take lots of pictures with it. You can never get bored here, thus me and my yosi samra shoes will go roaming around in the city like Dora the Explorer does on nationwide TV.

i love shoes (heels and flats) because they are a simple reminder to me that even the impossible dreams can come true if you'll just walk with it and make it real.

Thank you for this awesome giveaway! More power to you!

Dale Sy said...

Topping our long list of to-go-to's is the enchanting Paris, France! And with a pair of YS, touring these Parisian must-sees would be extra fun!

Escapades at Eiffel
Kicking off our tour would be a camera-busting photo taking at Paris' signature spire built by Gustav Eiffel. Then up to the lifts to have our first toast of Paris atop 58 Tour Eiffel then to the tower's ice skating rink for some tumbling fun!

Lovely Louvre
For a Da Vinci Code fan, the Musee de Louvre is a definite must see! Exciting to teach the kids the Louvre masterpieces, especially Leonardo da Vinci's La Jaconde (Mona Lisa).The richness & sheer size of the place would be a sure source of sore feet, but thanks to my YS, I'm still good to go!

Delectable Pastries Tour
Imagine the aroma of freshly baked pastry as you enter the best french bakeries! Feast on mouth-watering & eye-popping fruit tarts, cherry clafoutis, teetering croquembouche (caramel-glazed cream puffs), french crepe with vanilla ice cream, the best macarons at Laduree (Caramel with salted butter please!), croque monsier with fluffy bechamel sauce. And let's not forget the drink that prompts the constant long queue (even lured the likes of Audrey Hepburn & Coco Chanel) at the uber chic Angelina Tearoom, the South African Hot Chocolate...yum!

Gorgeous Garden of Luxembourg
An inner-city oasis of formal terraces, chestnut groves & lush lawns where our children can prod wooden sailboats with long sticks on the pond, watch puppets at the Theatre des Marionnettes, ride the carousel or Shetland ponies, or simply admire the dozens of apple varieties in the garden..C'est La Vie!

Serene Seine River
A stroll through the Seine is a quintessential Parisian experience for it evokes the most romantic visions of the city. The nostalgia is heightened after dark when the Seine shimmers with the watery reflections of floodlit monuments & bridges. A lovely way to recharge after a long day.

Disneyland Delight!
Nothing can be more fun than scaring ourselves silly in the bloodcurdling Tower of Terror, dance in a High School Musical, dive with Nemo, hit 70km/h in a Space Mountain rocket, shake hands with Mickey's & share other magical moments with Disney friends!

Fashion Week Flair
Imagine watching LIVE at Carrousel du Louvre, shows from major fashion houses such as Louis Vuitton, Comme des Garçons, Christian Dior, Balenciaga, and the Haute Coutures! And possibly rubbing elbows with Anna Wintour or BryanBoy..Oh my!

Marvelous Moulin Rouge
Practically hearing "Because we CanCanCan!!!". The Moulin Rouge is the number one show in Paris because of its sumptuous risque shows, featuring the world-renowned showgirls & French Cancan dancers fluffing their feathers, original musical scoring and the stage's opulent settings.

Mysterious Ghost & Vampires Tour
This unique storytelling adventure into the "Darkside of the City of Lights" is a must-do for vamp fanatics like me. Explore the bizarre, macabre and haunted history of vampires, ghosts and urban legends in Paris. Very entertaining & highly educational.

Joyful at Jays Hotel
After a very long day, nothing can beat a peaceful R&R at the Jays! A boutique hotel, it is an original concept of luxurious hospitality in exquisite surroundings with spacious suites & elegant reception rooms. Sarap!

And while I await my free time for a luxurious vacation like this, I will take on my new pair of pretty & comfy YS on my 24 hour (maybe even more!) hospital duties. According to doctor colleagues, YSs deliver their function well especially in our long hours of making hospital rounds.

Thank you MFO & YS!

Joyful Mess said...

If there's one place I could visit right now, it would be Vigan, Ilocos Sur.

Having lived in the South (Davao City) all my life, I would love to visit the northern part of our country. As they see, huwag maging dayuhan sa sariling bayan.

Do you know that Vigan is a World Heritage Site? It's one of the few Hispanic towns left in the Philippines. I would love to see the heritage of the Spaniards in our country. The Spanish colonial influence left marks in Vigan, such as the Calle Crisologo, St. Paul's Cathedral, and the Plaza Salcedo.

That tour I'm hoping for is not only for leisure but also for cultural and educational purposes. Surely, I would love to get to know my country first before I set foot abroad.

Dear coveted pair of Yosi Samras, I'll surely take you to Vigan someday!

Marc said...

Would love to go again to Japan.

I was there for a company trip but my family has never been there. I would love to take them there. It's a place that you can't go just once, you have to go many times, and even then, it still might not be enough.

What a wonderful mix of old-world tradition and cutting-edge futurism. The people are so kind and beautiful. The whole country is like a mystery waiting to be discovered.

I wouldn't mind getting lost in the little streets and alleyways only to end up having a delicious lunch in some small corner of one of the most densely packed cities in the world.

Harajuku, anime, temples, bullet trains, castles, samurai, trees and forests thousands of years old. Take me back and leave me there.

Thank you Tin & YS! :)

Jacqui Halili Co-Salonga said...

TIN! It's going to be the first time for me to join a blogger giveaway! Hahaha

My dream destination would definitely be Cape Town, South Africa and Venice, Italy.

Besides not having had the opportunity to travel to those places yet, it would surely provide an unusual experience that would definitely be one for the books. Both destinations are luxe and exotic at the same time, two things I love when looking for a new place to visit.

Cape Town has a pace that is both dynamic and exciting, while Venice has a romantic and cozy aura which will (hopefully) make me fall in love again! Haha! :)



loren said...

My dream destination is Prague. I wouldn't mind getting lost in the Historic Center which is a world heritage site! I can picture myself inside a painting or a gothic novel. I'd walk around and gaze at the beautiful architecture or the ancient astronomical clock, stand beside the statues of the Charles Bridge to think about what they're thinking, bike through the parks and neighborhood, sit and dine at the Old Town Square to listen to everything, then imagine a singing princess give out balloons at the castle. So if given a chance, I would love a Yosi Samra to take me there (:

Unknown said...

4 years from now when my baby girl will be old enough to enjoy and remember the experience, I will be taking my family to Japan. We will go sometime in March or April, when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom.

One full day will be dedicated to Ghibli Museum and Sanrio Puroland. Billie will be 5-year old by then, and I will make sure that she's familiar with Sanrio characters and classic Ghibli movies like My Neighbor Totoro and Spirited Away, so that I can be sure that she'll have the time of her life. If we have enough time we'll also go to Ueno Zoo to see the pandas.

Another day will be spent in Harajuku to check out Japan's outlandish fashion scene and do some shopping of our own.

We'll also visit Meiji shrine to get a sense of history and have a picnic at one of Tokyo's parks to admire the cherry blossoms.

I'm only starting to build our itinerary now (besides, I still have 4 years to plan), but I really can't wait. More than the places I'll go to, it's being there with my family and showing the world to my little girl that I look forward to the most. :)

Pia Panganiban said...

This excited traveler has been dreaming of a trip to Firenze, or Florence, Italy.

I would don my Yosi Samras and head straight to the city’s tallest structure, il Duomo or the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore. I would admire its intricate façade of pink, green and white marble, including the Campanile with bas-reliefs by Pisano. I would enter its great doors and in keeping with my personal travel tradition, pray and say thanks for another great adventure. I would roam this immense structure starting from the ruins of Santa Reparata Church down in the crypt. Then I would climb the more than 400 steps to Brunelleschi’s famed dome, and from there step out to catch my breath and have it swept away again by the magnificent views of the city.

Just outside il Duomo is the Baptistry where famous Florentines including Dante were baptized. I hope I don’t get a stiff neck from viewing the colorful mosaics of the Last Judgment adorning the ceiling!

A visit to Florence would not be complete without immersing oneself in the plethora of masterpieces that the city is known for. I would love to see the treasures in the Uffizi, including Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus, Michelangelo’s The Holy Family, and Leonardo da Vinci’s The Annunciation, to name a few.

It is said that there are only three “shopping bridges” left in the world, where you can walk across each of them and marvel at the quaint stores that have lined these bridges for many years. I have been fortunate enough to visit two of the three: the Pulteney Bridge in Bath and the Ponte di Rialto in Venice. To complete this unique bucket list, and to round off my amazing visit to Florence, it would be absolutely amazing for my Yosi Samras and I to walk across the famed Ponte Vecchio and admire the work of local artists and jewelers, and perhaps pick up an interesting souvenir from this truly Renaissance city.

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