Wednesday, July 24, 2013

SM Kids Fashion Celebrates Toon Fest Street Style

I'll admit it. When I was 12, I wore Snoopy jeans.

Snoopy jeans!

In fairness, the fit was great, the wash was a perfect light blue that went well with my Tretorn sneakers and pastel Esprit t-shirts.  But, it had a semi-gartered waistline and by all intents and purposes was meant to be worn by a kid. A kid.

Hey, when you're 12 and you still wear Snoopy jeans, you tend to blow things out of proportion and think of it like a social disaster waiting to happen. 

But kids these days are luckier. Because their clothes are just so much sassier. They've got so many options, and they can mix and match clothes without looking like their parents played tricks on them through their closet. Yes, even if there's a wide, toothy grin on the cartoon character emblazoned across a t-shirt.

“Kids have a fashion sense all their own,” says Ms. Jo Dy Juanco, Vice President of Children’s Fashion Management Corp. “SM Kids’ Fashion gives them a unique opportunity to exercise their creativity through what they wear each day.”

I got a sneak peek of the SM Kids Fashion Toon Fest line-up of clothes, which will be celebrated via The SM Kids' Fashion Toon Fest happening on August 30-September 1 at the SM Megatrade Hall 2 in Megamall. While they are character-based, you can't help but let out a little, "ooooh".

Many pieces are seriously cute and wearable. This is because the theme for this year is "Street Style", and the toon-themed clothes are designed to be worn with our kids' favorite closet staples. Just like my Snoopy jeans, they went with my trendy sneakers (well, Tretorns are classics now, heehee) and my Esprit logo tees, and looking back, were quite chic in fact.

In line with the street style theme, SM Kids’ Fashion is also hosting a Dream Photo Shoot Contest, where kids can come up with their most creative take on cosmopolitan wear. Contestants get a moment in the spotlight, a personal photo session with a renowned photographer, and the chance to become the next face of SM Kids’ Fashion.

So parents, doting aunts, uncles and grandparents, calendar this. This year’s SM Kids’ Fashion Toon Fest will take place from August 30-September 1 at the SM Megatrade Hall 2.

The SM Kids’ Fashion Toon Fest is an entertaining trade event where kids of all ages can meet and mingle with their favorite personalities and explore current trends in apparel. Favorites Garfield, Snoopy, Robby Rabbit, and Barbie, among others, debut with engaging images on clothes perfect for kids to learn and play in. 

Aside from an exciting selection of toon-themed clothing, booths at the affair exhibit charming attractions. Young visitors can take a stroll around a thrilling Toon City populated by famous faces with various exhibits, games, and merchandise for both boys and girls. 

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