Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Social Media Social-an with Print Social

One of the buzz words during Xavi's party was "Print Social".

As our guests entered Xavi's Seussland, they received a card with the hashtag #XavisFirstBirthday and the instruction that when they Instagram their photos of the party with the hashtag #XavisFirstBirthday, they will get to bring home a print of those photos.

Cool no? So high tech!

Print Social's Instagram Photobooth only works for those with public profiles, FYI

Still fuzzy between the ears? Here's how it works:

There was a TV set-up at the party, as below, where guests could see a slideshow of the photos being uploaded using #XavisFirstBirthday.

The same photos you see on screen are printed and clipped ala laundry line against a small step and repeat banner, like what you see behind Luis of Print Social.

Thanks so much Luis for celebrating Xavi's first birthday with us!

Here's a sample of the Print Social print-outs from their website:

Now here are some of the Print Social printouts from #XavisFirstBirthday:

True enough, Print Social's tagline "cover more ground" allowed us to do just that.

I loved how I got a perspective of what our guests were doing, and what they liked about the party just by looking at their photos.

Some guests took photos of themselves, some took photos of their food and the decor, a few took photos of us candidly, which were all such cute souvenirs of Xavi's special day. Granted that we only had 1 "official photographer" going around, everyone still had photos of their own to help in documenting Xavi's party.
And I think our guests also loved the fact that they could choose their own background and subject, angle their own photos, and did not have to line up to have their photos taken at a photo booth. 

You want to get them for your own party, or a corporate event? Here are the Instagram Photo packages. You may even bundle this with a traditional photo booth, starting at Php10,999 if you like:

All three packages include a personalized printout design, personalized photowall, a CD copy of all photos taken, an online photo album and an on-site attendant. It all boils down to how long your event will be and if you will be getting the add-ons.

Is it worth it? Oh yes! Print Social's Instagram Photobooth is just so fun, very convenient, doesn't take up too much space and is just a completely novel and brilliant concept.

It really is like seeing your party through the eyes of your guests!

For more about Print Social, check out their website and Like them on Facebook:

Print Social
Telephone: +632 211 6002
Mobile: +63 917 584 6632

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PrintSocial.PH said...

Thank you for having us at your event Christine. We look forward to partnering with you again soon! :D

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