Saturday, July 06, 2013

Vroom Brooms from Tonkita by Arix

This is the walis called the walis tambo that most of us use around the house to sweep non-carpeted floors: 

Then, there's the walis tingting of course, which is for "outdoor" use:

The tambo is made from reeds, while the tingting is made from the center spine of a coconut leaf. Very quaint and old-fashioned, but they're still around because they work like a charm. When I would see guys in Central Park using leaf blowers and rakes, I would immediately think how easier life would be for them if they had a Metro Aide style walis tingting

In fact, my friend Emee who has a multi-label showroom in Manhattan asks her interns to sweep the floor of her showroom with a walis tambo. Because it cleans better and gets more dust daw. Imagine showroom interns in Chloe sandals, Golden Goose boots and Pierre Hardy sneakers, sweeping the floor of a Tribeca loft with a walis tambo. Surreal and a bit absurd, but true.

Effective as it may be, the traditional Filipino walis unfortunately is not exactly the height of chic heehee.  And for somebody like me who likes to do things in style (haha), these Italian brooms from  Tonkita by Arix are the sort of brooms I want to be using around the house.

100% recyclable indoor and outdoor broom heads from Tonkita

Made from high quality, eco-friendly bristles, Tonkita by Arix lasts longer than ordinary wooden brooms. It has angled edges, to make it easy to sweep corners and hard-to-reach places. It also comes with easy-to-use extendable steel handles so we can use it to clean both floors and ceilings.

Like our very own walis variants, Tonkita by Arix is available in indoor and outdoor versions.

Indoor versions are ideal for smooth surfaces and fine dust, crumbs and hairs. It is safe to use even on the most delicate surfaces: ceramic, terracotta, stoneware, marble and parquet.

 dual indoor broom with extendable handles, Php389.75 (L) and spazio indoor broom refill, Php174.75 (R)

Outdoor versions are made of stiffer bristles and are ideal for rough and cement surfaces: basements, garages, terraces, courtyards, gardens and streets. And once they've been used and abused? Refills are available for all versions. 

rustica w/ handle Php359.75 (L) and maxi w/handle Php419.75 (R) outdoor brushes

Stylish na, functional pa. If you wear Chanel camellia slippers at home, carry lang magwalis walis around the house. Donya pa din.

Arix S.p.A. is the trusted Italian brand of high quality cleaning materials. Check out its new range of push brooms designed for a more effective and efficient cleaning at Handyman, Ace Hardware and leading grocery stores.

For more on Tonkita by Arix, like their Facebook page:  

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