Thursday, July 18, 2013

Xavi Turns One at Seussville!

I can't believe Xavi is one today. Our big, chubadubs baby boy who we call Spider Pig at home because he likes to crawl and climb everywhere, and whose hands are the stickiest (he can literally grasp a glass with one hand, no kidding), is officially a year old today. I'd spare you the sappy, sentimental bits, but I would just like to greet Xavi here a HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY! Heehee.

Whoever said "time flies" certainly knew what he was talking about. Because that's how it feels. One minute I'm pushing out Xavi, next thing I know, we're celebrating his first birthday. Which we did last weekend.

I shared photos on Instagram because I was so happy with how Xavi's party turned out. Many have been asking me about my suppliers, so I thought I'd do a quick post to share with you what Xavi's party was like. I'll do more thorough posts too, as these are just snippets of the party.

Background: I've been doing DIY parties for Berry and I did the same for Xavi too.  I planned Xavi's party myself, but this time, I was lucky enough to meet my friend Cathy Lim's sister-in-law, Michell Lao of Party Magic, who tastefully turned the Greenmeadows Clubhouse into Seussland!

Initially, I just wanted to order balloons from her, but as I told her about my theme, and she started sharing her vision with me, I found myself so excited with her ideas that I just let her do her thing, heehee.

The party invite was designed by Pat of The Candy Shop:

At the entrance, Michell set-up a Cat in The Hat balloon wall:

The stage was a great backdrop and looked like a page out of a Dr. Seuss story book. The kids loved having their photos taken here, sitting on the chairs. I used our own IKEA chairs:

Which was kind of like the ones in the Cat in The Hat book!

Michell was also inspired by the trees from The Lorax:

I loved the paper lanterns that Michell used, it made the Greenmeadows Clubhouse look very festive:

We had two types of centerpieces, which were either polka dot pails or these inverted felt Cat in The Hat hats handmade by Anne Mateo of Ant's Pocket.

The character cut-outs, as well as the Happy Birthday letter cut-outs on stage, were also from Pat of The Candy Shop:

My sisters Dianne and Nicole gamely wore the hats, haha. The big one was supposedly for Dada and the small one for Xavi, but the boys did not want to wear these, corny. Haha!

The Dessert/Candy Buffet aka Xavi's Sweet Treats were also set-up by Michell of Party Magic:

With baked treats by Joanne's Kitchen:

The actual cake was by Cat del Rosario of Tazzy Cakes:

Catering was by M Catering, and I arranged for an adult buffet as well as a kids buffet. The chocolate chip cookies and milk shots was the hands down hit for both kids and adults!

Apart from "real food", we also got corn dogs and cotton candy from Jeriz Food Carts, and fries from NYFD. Ice cream pops were courtesy of Nestle.

To keep the kids occupied before food was served and before "entertainment" started, Sarah Chan and Lala Tsai of Booths Republic set-up a Craft Camp... well as personalized keychain and balloon souvenir booths, which were so cute! The guests loved this!

Rather than the usual entertainment, My Masterpiece Movement kept the kids entertained, with Cat in The Hat storytelling, games and music:

My brother Andrew was our official photographer for the day, but everybody got to bring home photos right there and then, thanks to Print Social's Live Instagram Printer. Pretty much, the party place was the studio, and anything our guests took a photo of using the hashtag #XavisFirstBirthday was uploaded, displayed live feed style on a TV set and printed automatically, right there and then:

All our guests loved Xavi's party, and I think, if you just go with suppliers I got, you would have an easy, stress-free party like we did! I promise more details and photos in upcoming posts! =)

One last photo by the balloon wall before it went pop! pop! pop!


AVA TE-ZABAT♥ said...

such a beautiful family and awesome party!:)

trina said...

looks like a fun party! wish i was there!

Sound of Life said...

I love everything! I'm now excited planning for my daughter's 1st bday too!

Anonymous said...

Cute party, but I think it's spelled Dr Seuss and Seussville. That's what it says on your invitations as well.

JamJar said...

Amazing, Tin!!! Very tastefully done! I like your choice of entertainment! Since we've had our fair share of loud magicians, shows, hosts...the story telling idea is genius!

I've noted all your suppliers! Excited to throw a party in...3 years! haha!

Regards to Harvs! Please tell him he still looks like a lawyer in Xavi's party! haha!

Happy Birthday, Xavi! Stay a cutie! =)

cd_mfo said...

Thanks Ava! =)

Wish you were here, Tita Trina!

Yes Donna! So fun to plan, just get reputable suppliers so you won't have anything to worry about!!!

Anon, thanks! Corrected na! Invitation was ok!

Thanks Jackie! Heehee!

Meikah said...

I just love the theme! Awesome! Am sure Xavi will love this when he sees this years later. :)

Unknown said...

Yay! I was looking forward to reading about Xavi's first bday :-) Nice one. Congrats to you and your suppliers for pulling it off.

Pat said...

Thanks Tin for the mention! Thanks for inviting me, the party was perfect! Loved the creativity displayed by the different suppliers, very inspiring! So happy to have met the little stars Xavi and Berry! :)

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