Friday, July 19, 2013

A Magical Party with Party Magic

There are party supplies stores, and then, there ARE party stores where you get a sense that they make magic happen.

I got that when I first stepped inside Party Magic on Wilson Street in San Juan.

It is so Pinterest pretty.

It is a far cry from typical party stores where all you see are cheesy styrofoam characters on the window, and cartoon character everything all over. This place is subdued and tasteful. Not to mention, it has everything you'd ever need if you decide to throw an impromptu party in a day or two.

From balloons (they can do both stick and real helium balloons, not those fire prone hydrogen ones),

to pre-packaged souvenirs like these bottles of jelly beans,

Princess, fairy, animal and Minnie Mouse headbands,

birthday crowns,

and all other party sundries like cups, napkins, disposable cupcake towers, and such.

I really only meant to order balloons for Xavi's party. I had felt Cat in The Hat hats that I ordered from Ant's Pocket and character cut-outs from The Candy Shop. I was also filled with the illusion that I could pull off decorating Xavi's party all by myself.

But when Michell started sketching on her notebook and showing me balloon walls and such, I was like, "Wow, we can do that?"

Turned out, she could. Easily. Perfectly.

The balloon wall at the entrance looked fantastic.

The inside was equally fun as well. I just asked my caterer, M Catering, to use red and blue table cloths and Michell took care of the rest - adding striped runners, and using the felt hats and buckets to ground the balloons. She also had mini frames to show well-loved covers of Dr. Seuss books:

Like I mentioned, the stage was sooo cute. Normally, guests don't really go to the stage. It was usually just an expensive backdrop, but this one was a hit with the kids, who all wanted to go up and have their photos taken there:

Berry and The Cat in The Hat (standee printed by The Candy Shop)

my godson Andres and his brother Anton

Oh, and here are more details from the most delightful dessert/candy buffet, also prepared by Michell:

The sugar cookies are by Joanne's Kitchen. I bought the marshmallows from Chocolate Lovers in QC, and then packaged in these candy containers from Party Magic

The Oreo pops are also by Joanne's Kitchen. Wafer sticks and candies were sourced by Michell:

I bought these red lollipops from Made in Candy in Rockwell. The Cat in The Hat mugs were souvenirs that Dada and I bought in Universal Studios Florida back in 2008.

These mini red velvet cupcakes with blue frosting are also by Joanne's Kitchen.

Check out my friend Tammy's dessert plate. "The Fat in The Hat" daw, LOLZ.

w/ a cupcake from Tazzy Cakes and chocolate chip cookies & milk shot by M Catering

Our guests loved everything, from the entrance to the decor, to the stage to the dessert buffet. And I have to give all the credit to Michell. Party Magic really does Magic. I promise.

Thanks so much also of course to Michell's supportive hubby Patrick! I can't thank you two enough for making Xavi's party look so fun and festive! I don't know how the party would have looked like if I did everything myself as I had planned, haha.

Thank you also to my friend Cathy, for introducing me to Patrick and Michelle! Mwah!

For your party supplies, balloon needs and event styling inquiries, feel free to drop by Party Magic on Wilson Street, beside JASH Mart and across McDonald's, or contact them via phone or email.

Party Magic
215 Wilson Street
Greenhills, San Juan
Tel: +632 955 5906
Mobile: +63917 344 8881


S.M. said...

Thank you for sharing your suppliers so generously! That party looks INSANE. I love that it's so classy. Now that I'm tamad to DIY, I've just bookmarked this! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi. Thank you for sharing. May i know how much did it cost you? Thanks

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