Friday, July 19, 2013

Xavi's Party Souvenirs from Booths Republic

the photo balloon from Booths Republic

For Xavi's 1st birthday party, we sent our guests home with personalized souvenirs from Booths Republic. Yep, personalized with the guest's name, even a photo in the case of the photo balloon, right there on the spot, thanks to their Instaprint booths.

It sounds like a lot of work, but it's not, I assure you. I just told Sarah Chan of Booths Republic that we were having a Cat in The Hat/Dr. Seuss inspired party and she recommended the Craft Camp, Photo Balloon and their latest Cartoon Keychain booths.

Just a few weeks before the party, we talked about images that we could use for the personalized keychains, and they came up with these four.

Cute no? 

During the party, our guests could just choose among these four designs, advise the name they want on their keychain, and by the time they got their cotton candy, could pick up their finished keychain at the booth.

Apart from the personalized keychains, the guests enjoyed the photo balloon booth too. They would go and get their photo taken, and it would be printed on the other side of this balloon. Very cute!

I think the most popular booth of all would be Craft Camp. From 2 year old toddlers to 7 year old kids, they all had a blast coloring and decorating their own masks.

It also took care of entertaining the kids prior to the party proper. It was nice and also a relief seeing the kids congregating at the Craft Camp booth, because for sure, there were no bored kids in our party!

Even the big kids gave Booths Republic a thumbs up!

More than just party or event booths, you may order stickers and printed products as giveaways, or for personal use from Booths Republic.

We love these waterproof stickers that we use to label Berry's books, sippy cups, lunch boxes and snack containers for school. These withstand washing and don't peel off even if they've gotten wet countless times.

Booths Republic offers practical, personalized products that your guests will love. As for you, it is so easy to work with them. Just advise them of the day of your event, and if it's available they can then block it off for you. Just tell them your theme too, so they can recommend the most complementary products and designs. They can customize stickers, balloons, keychains and more just for you and your guests.

Thank you Lala, Sarah and the Booths Republic team for being a part of Xavi's birthday bash! The kids, even the mommies, loved their Booths Republic goodies!

Booths Republic 
Sarah Chan / Lala Tsai
+63917 800 3323, +63922 888 3427

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