Thursday, August 08, 2013

July 2013 Grocery/Store Finds

Here's a roundup of products you might want to check out at your favorite grocery or health & beauty supplies store. All fresh, all new, for the month of July. I know, it's August. But hey, better late than nevah!

Burlington is known for socks, and it just seems like a natural progression to venture into foot and shoe care products. Call it a foot fetish if you may. 

BioFresh Foot & Shoe Antimocrobial Spray products come in scents like Charm, Aqua and Bliss and promise to eliminate bacteria and microorganisms that cause bad odor.

Burlington Shucare meanwhile offer a variety of eco-friendly shoe care products. Shoe creams (Php110) are made from beeswax and come in black, brown and neutral. The Self Shine Renovating (Php140) polish would be great for fast, easy cleaning. Then there's the Instant Colour Shine (Php175) which you can store in your glove compartment or on your office desk for quick touch ups.

Canvas sneakers? No prob! There's the Shucare Sneaker Cleaner & Nano Water Proofer. Yes, Burlington has got your footsies covered.

For more on Burlington BioFresh, click here. For more on Burlington Shucare, click here.

NIVEA understands how frustrating it is when our deodorant leaves stains on our clothes. So they came up with NIVEA Invisible for Black & White, a new generation of deodorants with textile protection technology that leaves no white marks on dark fabric and minimizes yellow stains on light and white textiles.

There's an Invisible for Black & White range for men and for women, and it comes in two variants - Spray (Php170 for 150 ml) & Roll-on (Php50 for 25 ml, Php89 for 50 ml).

The new NIVEA Deodorant Invisible for Black & White is now available in stores nationwide.

NIVEA Sun Protect & Refresh Invisible Cooling Mist may be a summer product, but since it is practically summer all year round here in the tropics, you might as well know about the first aerosol sunscreen from NIVEA that combines protection and immediate cooling and freshness from the sun's harsh rays.

To know more about NIVEA products, visit, like NIVEA on Facebook and follow @NIVEAPhils on Twitter and Instagram.

Watson's Stretch Mark Minimizer makes stretch mark minimizing more democratic.

If you are looking for a serious stretch mark minimizer but don't want to cough up the dough for the more potent ones, take heed. At Php149 for a 200g tub, this Watsons Stretch Mark Minimizer Body Butter is said to be proven effective not only in reducing marks, but also in keeping skin moisturized to prevent the appearance of stretch marks in the future. 

Is it the truth? Is it fair to all concerned? To be honest, I haven't tried. But at Php149, that's a small price to pay just to try, so why not? If all else fails, you can always use it as a foot cream.

Available exclusively at all Watsons stores nationwide.

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