Thursday, August 08, 2013

My Citrine Cocktail Ring by Panopio

Citrine is known as the "Lucky Merchant's Stone" or the "Money Stone". My friend who is into crystals, graciously pointed that out to me when she saw me wearing this  giant citrine cocktail ring by Panopio on Instagram (follow me there, I'm @christinedychiao, heehee).

But I did not even realize that until after I wore it. All I know was that I was lucky to receive this beauty from Victoria and Bea Panopio, the sisters behind their eponymous jewelry label, Panopio. 

I have been wearing them when I want to dress up extra nice, and they seem to attract an abundance of compliments wherever I go.

worn with a guipure lace tunic & leggings

worn with a silk top & faux leather shorts

I am not really one to accessorize, because I mostly just stick to my everyday accoutrements, but this gorgeous cocktail ring still feels like me. It's noticeable, but it remains subdued, subtle.

The same goes for the rest of the pieces from this particular collection by Panopio at Zalora. They are enchanting, but don't scream "look at me!". Impressive yet tasteful, colorful yet restrained.

As if those combinations weren't enough, I'd have to add luxurious and yet affordable. 

My cocktail ring retails for Php7,000 - a reasonable amount for a ring made from real citrine stone certified by a GIA trained gemologist and sterling silver dipped in gold.

I can feel it in my heart that my "Money Stone" will bring me more abundance and success, good fortune & good luck. Coupled with a citrine-infused positive flow of energy and confidence, I will then happily buy the green quartz and amethyst cocktail rings too. That's how much I love them. Got to have this giant cocktail ring in all its incarnations, seriously.

For more about Panopio Jewelry, like them on Facebook and follow @panopiojewelry on Twitter.


Anonymous said...

I love this! This would be a great present for my mom. Well, from my dad hihi. Thanks for this!! :)

Louise Ito

cd_mfo said...

Yes Louise! This is a no fail present, it's gorge!

kathy said...

oooh! i want! kinda reminds me of tiffany paloma picasso sugarstacks!

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