Saturday, September 21, 2013

Berry Stylish

Sometimes Berry puts together the most outrageous outfits for "play dress up" days, but in reality, she really just wears easy, fuss free clothes to school that she puts together herself. 

Seriously, whenever she does not like the clothes laid out for her to choose from, she'd tell us what exactly she'd like to match what with what. Here are some of her favorites for school & play:

googoo & gaga t-shirt, shorts from SM Kids Fashion

Top from Gingersnaps, pants from Joe Fresh, flats from Yosi Samra Kids

Top from SM Kids Fashion, skirt from Tarte Tatin

Top & bottom from H&M

My Dad says that when I was Berry's age, I also chose my own outfits and I had my own favorites too. She may look like her Dada, but her love for dressing up definitely comes from me. Heehee.

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Leon said...

Berry, you are too cute!! Pilar

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