Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Primaries by Rockwell Land: 53 Benitez

When you look down from the third floor of Rockwell Power Plant Mall's North Court, this is what you'll see: 

It's not a dollhouse but the pop-up showroom for 53 Benitez, the first ever premiere mid-rise project of Primaries, Rockwell Land’s newest property development subsidiary. The turnover is set for 2015, consisting of 2 towers set across an almost 1 hectare lot in New Manila (between Horseshoe Village and the Chocolate Lovers store).

I was quite impressed at how spacious the 2 bedroom unit is.

But I was all the more impressed when I found out that a 2 bedroom, 63 sqm (70 sqm if you include the laundry area at the roof deck) unit with parking slot comes to just about Php6.2 million only.

A 3 bedroom, 97 sqm (103 with laundry area at the roof deck) unit with 2 parking slots will be less than Php10 million.

I just had to tell my sister who has been looking for a starter home, and my friends who are looking to upgrade to a bigger condo unit to check this out. The Primaries’ pop up model was up since yesterday and will be there until October 12, 2013.

“With Primaries, Rockwell Land’s formidable brand will now be more accessible to everyone with functional, universal and quality living spaces at friendlier prices. With Manila’s first pop up model unit, we are elated to offer our mall goers the opportunity to travel instantly to another place and time at their own convenience to see a possible and well planned future in a Primaries development,” says Primaries Senior Vice-President Malou Pineda. 

the aerial view

the facade along C. Benitez Street

Just to give you an idea of how a two bedroom is like, here are photos from their model unit onsite, which is pretty much the same layout you will see in the Power Plant Mall pop-up:

Unlike typical condominium units with dark and narrow hallways, special features of 53 Benitez include vertical and horizontal cross ventilation which guarantees natural light and fresh air to circulate as well as a private bridgeway for more privacy.

Vertical and horizontal cross ventilation integrated in its design lets you enjoy the natural air in common areas as well as save you from unwanted electrical consumption

Unlike typical atrium designs in other mid-rise condos, private bridgeways at 53 Benitez keep your corridors beautifully and seamlessly separated from the residential units for a renewed sense of space and privacy

To learn more about 53 Benitez by Primaries, visit the pop-up at the North Court of Rockwell Power Plant Mall from today until October 12, 2013 or visit the website at

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