Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Camille with a Camera

Camille King is a memory keeper. Years before she got into photography as a hobby, she was a scrapbooker. These days, instead of keeping track of milestones and moments via traditional scrapbooking, she documents memories online via her website/blog, Camille King Photography

Her favorite subject is her daughter, who is one lucky girl to have a mom who takes beautiful photos of her during their trips, on special occasions, as well as the everyday snippets of her life (check out Camille's post, "They Grow so Fast", where she captures her daughter at play. It makes me want to take out a camera and take photos of my little ones playing too, so I can look at them years from now and remember them as they were when they were small).

Luckily, I had the pleasure of meeting Camille through her sister, Kathleen King (of Elin.ph and Catalogue63.com). One sunny afternoon, she came over to our house to take photos of Berry and Xavi, woohoo!

While I had it in my head that the kids were not cooperating, she was just quietly clicking away and managed to come out with these beautiful photos!

She just let Berry & Xavi do their thing, trailing her lens on them as they went about the room.

The fun really started when Berry decided she wanted to be a cat! She got her cat ears headband and I took out my eyeliner to draw a nose and whiskers on her:

Then Berry drew a line under her nose:

And two lines on her forehead...until she looked like a little tiger, as seen here with Xavi. Hahahaha!

Camille's quiet energy really put Berry & Xavi at ease. I think part of the magic of her photos is that she is really patient with kids and just lets them set the pace of the shoot. In fact, I was the one worried about taking up too much of her time, while Camille did not mind waiting for those perfect moments. True enough, Berry & Xavi's photos come out fun, relaxed and natural, just as how we would love to see and remember them when they're all grown up.

If you would like to have your child or children's photos taken by Camille too, she accepts bookings for photo sessions for babies, kids and families. To inquire or schedule a session with her, you may email her at cam@camillekingphotography.com.

She will contact you for a pre-session consult since all photo sessions are customized. Photo sessions can be held at your home or other special location. She is also setting up her own studio soon, which would be a great place if you want studio shots for Christmas cards and such!

Camille King
Website: http://http://camillekingphotography.com/
Email: cam@camillekingphotography.com
Mobile:  +63917 532 0862


jocris said...

Cute! and The cat goes meow, and ROAR..

cd_mfo said...

Hahaha! Yes!

krissy ♥ said...

The photos really turned out great! Berry and Xavi are so cute and happy! :)

Run Around Girl said...

great shots and love berry's cat ears and whiskers! want to steal berry's look for halloween hihi!

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