Thursday, September 05, 2013

Yosi Samra x MFO Giveaway Winners: Batch 2

Let’s cut to the chase. I am excited to announce the last two winners of our Yosi Samra giveaway! 

Bea Dacanay: Nantucket, MA

I'd like my Yosi Samras to take me to Nantucket Island in Massachussetts. There are other places to visit in the US aside from the "usual suspects" SFO, LA, NYC, Vegas and Nantucket is one that's not yet fully explored by many. I'm quite intrigued with the small town/preppy vibe of Nantucket. 

Nantucket is an island with a beautifully preserved village that posseses pristine beauty, a charming downtown, picturesque cliffs and beaches, colorful gardens, iconic lighthouses, historic homes, that serves as a perfect setting to any story, like what Nicholas Sparks usually describes in his novels. I have read about Nantucket many times before and it will be a dream come true for me in this life time to be able to go there-- just like the preppy old rich does when they need to unwind during the summer break. 

Nantucket has no traffic lights, neon signs and fast food chains, which is very perfect for anyone who wants to get lost in its cobblestone streets lined up with art galleries, small cafes, and restaurants. They have a free weekly newspaper available in most local shops and restaurants, which has a detailed map of the island. From there, you can lose yourself in Nantucket's rich culture by walking comfortably with your Yosi Samras :) There is also a 26-mile bike path along the shore which is a perfect way to explore the island--- no need to rent a car! Boating around Nantucket is very popular since the harbor is full of yachts, sailboats, fishing boats. Nantucket was known before as whaling capital of the world.. and thus, whale watching can be done if you have kids and if you are a kid at heart. 

The entire island is a historical landmark since there are still 800 homes built before the civil war and still beautifully preserved up to this day. There are small bed and breakfasts I can imagine myself checking in and afterwhich, I'd get myself to munch on some local yummy treats like those in the Nantucket Bake shop, since lines tend to get long and their very popular donuts really get wiped out very quick! Or better yet, set up a picnic and buy some food from the deli shop and enjoy the cool winds and watch the sunset overlooking the Atlantic ocean on top of 3 of Nantucket's famous lighthouses Whether your single, in a relationship or already have a family, I think Nantucket is indeed one of a kind dream getaway. And in my dream getaway, I'd like my Yosi Samra to be with me :) 

Mara Tutay: Ireland

Someday, when the time is right, I'll pack our bags and fly off to Ireland. I imagine waking up to the smell of my husband's freshy brewed coffee with the Ring of Kerry or the Cliffs of Moher just a stone's throw away. I'd slip on my Yosi Samras, let my feet carry me and take me through the majestic wonders of Ireland as I stare in awe at the marvel of God's work. Everyday would be a new day, a mini adventure, with so little time and so much to do. 

I'd grab my daughter's hand as I take her to visit old castles such as the Cahir Castle, Kilkenny Castle, Rock of Cashel and of course, the Trim Castle, where Braveheart was filmed. We'd breathe in the crisp cool air and lounge on the lush green grass while indulging ourselves on a hearty Ulster fry picnic. We'd spend the day pretending to be princesses and proper ladies. We'll brush up our Irish accents and laugh our hearts out at our lousy interpretation of it. We'd let our hair down and run around their elaborate lawns, pick up sticks and pretend to be knights and kings of the old Irish country. After all, who doesn't dream of doing a Mel Gibson and shouting "They may take our lives but they will never take away our freedom." 

In the evening, I'd soak in the night spots with my husband dragging me to every pub possible, trying out each and every kind of beer (and Irish stew) at our disposal. We'd immerse ourselves with the locals and share in their stories and rich history. We'll nourish our minds and our souls, as well as feed our bodies with nourishment uniqie to Ireland. And of course, it wouldn't be complete without a trip to the Guinness Storehouse! One day, I will pack our bags and give in to the wanderlust, but for now, a pair of Yosi Samras will do. For now, I'll take the simple adventures with my trusty travel companion, hold on to them dearly, wear them and wistfully wish that one day, my Cinderella shoes will make my dreams come true. 

Congratulations Bea & Mara! Thank you for your very descriptive stories. Bea, I have always wanted to summer in Nantucket. We love it for the same reasons. Mara, I have always thought of Ireland as grey, cold and full of damp, musty castles, but you just made me want to see it for myself. I will be in touch with you two via email on how you may claim your prize! 

*FYI, winners who are Metro Manila residents may claim their pair at their nearest Yosi Samra outlet. Winners who are not residents of Metro Manila will have to advise us of your size, preferred style and address so the Yosi Samra/Nuffnang representative can send your shoes. Please wait for my email so the Yosi Samra/Nuffnang representative can coordinate with us accordingly


cheekeegirl said...

Better luck next time for me..

Mara said...

Thanks again, Tin! Eagerly awaiting your email! =)

Bea Dacanay said...

Eeeeeeeks!! Thank you MFO and Yosi Samra! :)

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