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Coach Pia #BetterMe Session at Sequioa Hotel + Ombu Filipino Restaurant

I rarely go to Quezon City these days, but if it's a Coach Pia session for the SoMoms we're talking about, then I am going even if its beyond my usual haunts, heehee.

Our most recent Coach Pia session happened at Sequoia Hotel along Mother Ignacia Ave. cor Timog Ave. Yeah, hotels are popping up in QC na pala! The only hotel I knew of in the area before was Sulo Hotel, and now, there's quite a number where you can hold events, parties, seminars and business conferences. Sequoia Hotel in particular has five function rooms that can fit a small team or hold a conference for 400 delegates, and they have over 130 rooms with free Wi-Fi access.

Not only that, Quezon City is such a happening place for food. There's always something new to try out, we really ought to go there more often. Case in point, Ombu Filipino Restaurant at Sequioa Hotel.

After our session with Coach Pia, we had lunch here, where we were served Filipino comfort food with a twist.

Tinapa Croquetas

Penne Pasta in Olive Oil and Spanish Sardines

Honey Glazed Chicken

Fried rice with dilis - so good!

Gising Gising

Tokwa't Baboy

Salted Egg Tempura

Beignet with Tsokolate
If you are craving for Pinoy food that is familiar and yet a step away from the ordinary, you know where to go in QC!

Ground floor, Sequoia Hotel
91-93 Mother Ignacia St. corner Timog Avenue
South Triangle, Quezon City
Hours: from 6:30 am
Tel: (632) 441 0518

Now on, to Coach Pia and the topic of the day, "Building Healthier Relationships: Partner & Children".

When it comes to relationships, first things first, we need to assess if our relationship with our partner and our kids is healthy. Here's how to gauge:

Relationship with Partner:
- I can be myself while nurturing my partner, aka authenticity
- I can trust myself, I can trust my partner
- I feel respected, I respect my partner
- I feel understood, I can understand my partner
- I can nurture our children, our children feel nurtured

Relationship with Kids:
- your child can be himself/herself, they can express their thoughts, feelings, actions
- your feel respected, your child feels respected
- your child feels understood
- there is a balance of providing structure/setting limits and affirmation/building self-esteem

Ano, Pass or Fail? Hahaha! Well, don't fret, it is not too late to work on that relationship or further enhance a good thing going. Here are the aspects you need to consider in building healthier relationships:

Partner: Willingness &Ability to
1.  maintain & develop trust
2. learn continuously
3. communicate openly
4. cooperate & create a plan
5. adapt & be flexible
6. let go & forgive
7. sacrifice

Kids: Ability to (because willingness is not an option, we just do it for our kids!)
1. maintain & develop trust
2. learn continuously
3. communicate openly
4. encourage cooperation & co-develop a plan
5. adapt & be flexible
6. accept & affirm
7. parent without EGO

Now, that we know all these, it is time to put this knowledge to work. Here are the 3 strategies we can use to build healthier relationships:

1. Choose an aspect you would like to work on and give yourself a 21-90 day timeline to attain beter results. Then move on to the next one, and so on.
2. Understand and transcend your personal ego. With your kids, nurture yourself to be rid of your personal ego.
3. Fill the relationship with unconditional love & acceptance.

Now  the challenge lies in remembering to do all these when your husband is right there in front of you, testing your patience and not being lovable at the moment, or your kids are wailing non-stop, trying to get their way. 

The thought pa lang, stressful na! Anywho, breathe deeply and remember..."Transcend".


Special thanks to BPI for supporting The One Core session for the SoMoms! Thank you for this Financial Wellness Journal too. Such a handy dandy tool that us moms can use to validate where we are in our journey to financial wellness, and reminds us to strive towards our goals while practicing good money management habits.

BPI believes that the family is a key pillar to financial wellness. The influence of mothers on their children and their spouses is arguably the most potent in steering the family towards good money habits. BPI is making it easy for moms to raise their financial questions to no less than "banker moms". Moms reading this, feel free to contact Mita Gozar and Chinky Lukban, VPs of BPI, at and to discuss your money management concerns!


Curious about what Coach Pia and The One Core can do for you? You may want to sign-up for one of her workshops or classes. Next up in her Stress Management Workshop is, tun dun dun dun - Dealing With Stressful People. Details below:

Stress Management Workshop on "Dealing with Stressful People"
September 24, 2013, 7:00-9:00 PM
The OneCORE Success Center, Loyola Heights, Q.C.

Limited slots available. Contact us at:
436-4143 | 0922-894-4143 |

Other topics in this series:
November 26: Handling Career Stress
January 21: Living a Stress-Free Life
March 25: What are My Stress Triggers?

Also, thanks to Tammy Lim of for the cute kitschy items you gave us!

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