Friday, September 06, 2013

Disney Fairies + Snippets of SM Toon Fest 2013

Berry went to her Galileo session, and then to her school, looking like this:

Berry wears a Tommy Hilfiger shirt from Ninang Tots & Ninong Ches Yu, leggings from Ninang Ruby Gan, Disney Fairies skirt from SM Kids Fashion, wings & wand from H&M, flower headpiece from Auntie Leona Panutat and Auntie Charlene Carlos, Salt-water Sandals

Her Ninang Ruby asked if there was a program at school, and I said, "Just another regular day in school". 

Hahaha. Can you just imagine what she'll be wearing to Coachella?

Speaking of dressing up, did any of you guys go to SM Toon Fest? It was our first time to go this year, and it was a veritable wonderland for the kids! Berry & I attended the launch event and not only did we see fun set-ups to shop for clothes at...

there was a program hosted by Sam Oh...

plus a mini-fashion show.

With lots of fun character inspired booths to explore, and for a minimum required spend, crafty activities to enjoy, there was no way for kids to get bored.

The first thing that Berry wanted to do was to sit at the park bench that welcomed us at the entrance.

But soon enough, I found myself following her as she went from booth to booth, having the time of her life.

Getting princess tattoos at the Disney booth

Posing beside, then choosing the Hello Kitty confections she wanted to bring home

Having her photo taken at the Barbie booth

Coloring her own t-shirt at the Robby Rabbit booth

She had a lot of fun, save for that episode when she saw the Garfield mascot. She was terrified! Awwww, baby girl!

Overall, it was a novel way to spend a morning that kept Berry totally entertained. If I did not have to leave for another appointment, we would have stayed longer. But we had to go as soon as we made a respectable round of the area, taking mental notes of which clothes to go back for. And not without buying Berry's Hello Kitty chocolates, of course.

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Leah Concepcion said...

Berry is so cute! I can't get over her pink nails. =)

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