Monday, September 30, 2013

Hair Free Diary: Leg Hair Laser Removal, Session 1

Before Wink Laser & Wax Studio, getting my unwanted hair removed via laser was something I would never consider. First, the cost put me off. Second, salons offering reasonably priced laser services didn't look assuring enough.

Thanks to Wink's owner Holly Chang & beauty blogger Liz Lanuzo, who invited me to check out Wink just when it opened, my entire perspective changed.

I like well-designed spaces (Buensalido+Architects designed, no less). The fact that it was super clean and spotless, without being clinical, was another come on. Plus, of course, I got a great deal on 2 underarm diode sessions via Deal Grocer, which kind of sealed the deal for me to continue with my underarm laser hair removal "project".

The Alma Soprano Accord, for relatively pain free laser hair removal! 

I have had 4 sessions to date, with 4 more to go. So far, I am quite happy with the results. My underarm hair has considerably lessened, and hair growth has been slower and thinner. 

I found that while the initial laser sessions were more like I was being tickled aggressively, I have been feeling the heat with the last two ones. My laser therapist says as the sessions progress, they need to increase the energy to really disable follicles from producing more hair. But the great news is, no burned skin whatsoever!

Having seen promising results so far, I've just gotten my lower leg hair lasered as well. I am honestly sick of being forced to wear pants or leggings during days when I am too lazy to shave, heehee.
The laser room at Wink 

To assure you that laser hair removal really isn't something to be feared, I am sharing with you the blow by blow on laser hair removal. To make it less mysterious. Hahaha!

First things first, my laser therapist laid out all the tools she needed to start on a session: disposable razor, protective goggles for me and for herself, sanitizing and cleaning liquids, cotton balls, etc.

After wiping down the leg to clean and sanitize it, the hair on my legs, which were actually more like stubbles, were shaved off.

Cold gel was then applied on one leg first.

The right amount of energy is set on the machine, and the laser hand piece with "Sapphire Chill Tip" (to keep skin constantly cool) is applied to the target area.

It just takes a couple of minutes, and the feeling I got was not painful, but not exactly pleasant either. I'd say it's a fair enough feeling considering how my leg hair follicles were zapped to kingdom come.

After repeating the same for the other leg, the therapist applied a cream to prevent itching and redness, it was probably anti-bacterial too. I was not really paying attention anymore after a back to back underarm and leg hair laser removal session haha. But I remembered not to wet the area for 6-8 hours.

It has been over a week since I had this done, and so far, leg hair is growing slower than usual. Also noticed bald spots in some areas.  My therapist said I should expect hair to fall off by the 4th week. So looking forward to that! 

Will keep you posted!

PS - Laser leg hair removal for lower legs at Wink is Php5,000 per session. Should take about 4 sessions to see full effect.

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