Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Mom Must Have: Philips AVENT Storage Cups

If there is one other product that I love using from Philips AVENT, apart from their electric breast pump and bottles, that would be their milk storage cups:

Since I hardly pump these days, especially since Xavi prefers to feed directly, and I find little to no use of our milk storage cups, we've converted them into snack containers and they're so handy dandy! I can fit 4 in Berry's lunch box, apart from her sippy cup!

I just might keep buying them because they are so lightweight and compact. Plus, I love that these have screw on lids! No struggling, no surprises.

My stint as a Philips AVENT Trusted Mom is coming to a close, but I know my relationship with Philips AVENT will last well until I become a grandma, I bet. Philips AVENT has always been part and parcel of our parenting journey.

Thanks so much Philips AVENT for having me on board as a Trusted Mom. It was fun road testing your products and discovering new products to love and share with family & friends along the way!

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