Saturday, September 28, 2013

Kiddie Tab on Kids and Technology

Can't seem to manage your kids' use of the iPad?

Well, you don't have to banish it from their sight ever. Exposure to technology is not something to be feared. In fact, studies have shown that kids who use computers exhibit greater gains in intelligence, structural knowledge, problem solving and language skills compared to those who don’t.

“Media is not the enemy,” says Dra. Angela Halili-Jao, head of child and adolescent psychiatry of the UP Manila College of Medicine-Philippine General Hospital. “Our children—and grandchildren—would benefit more if we viewed technology as an ally—an aid to learning and the acquisition and mastery of developmental skills.” 

In that case, why not consider getting a more age appropriate tablet for them instead?

Michal Cruz- Ladioray, Head for Strategic Partnerships, of Lifeware Technology, Inc. shared that more and more parents hand over their personal tablets to their children for gaming. “We saw this as an opportunity to encourage parents to introduce technology to their children not just for technology’s sake, but as a tool to improve or develop their kid’s learning. This is where we got the idea to set up Lifeware Technology, Inc. to focus exclusively on products and solutions for education, even for young kids.” 

Enlight Kiddie TAB from Lifeware Technology, Inc. is an 8" proudly Philippine developed educational tabletmodified to ensure a safe, secure, and controlled environment for children 3-8 years old that allows them to learn at their own pace. 

It is loaded with lots of kiddie educational content and learning modules all designed to make learning fun, fast, and effective.

Kids learn the fundamentals of reading, counting, writing, and so much more, with pre-loaded interactive storybooks, songs, and games developed to ensure the most enjoyable learning experience possible for them, and the most worry free and convenient way for you to supervise your child's digital learning process. Through parent control features, you can in fact limit the length of time your kids use their Kiddie TAB by setting the time lock.

Of course, Dr. Halili-Jao encourages parents to supervise their youngsters’ digital play. “They need to ensure that children also have time away from the computer to pick up social skills, explore creativity and survive without a gadget.”

Kiddie TAB is available at select Toy Kingdom stores, and inside Toy Kingdom Express inside The SM Store branches.

For more on Kiddie TAB, visit, like them on Facebook and follow @KiddieTAB on Twitter.


cheekeegirl said...

Ay hindi pa available sa Davao?

cd_mfo said...

Cheekeegirl, maybe you can order directly and have it shipped to you! =)

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