Saturday, September 28, 2013

Lotte Xylitol & Kiddie Dental Care

2 pellets of Lotte Xylitol a day, keeps cavities at bay

I've got great news for you, chocolate lovers!

Our dentist, Dra. Ichi Duque says, between chocolates and hard candy, chocolate is actually less harmful to teeth enamel. The fats in chocolate coat the teeth so sugar doesn't really get to the teeth directly the way hard candies can. Also, chocolate melts faster and gets washed away easily, whereas sugar in hard candy stays in our mouth longer, allowing bacteria to fester. 

Eeek right?

Of course, I found out the hard way. We were at the dentist's clinic because I had to bring Berry for a filling. Dra. Ichi asked if Berry likes sweets, and if she eats candy. Of course, I said yes to both.

"If Berry has to have her sweets, give her chocolate instead", she told me.  

Well, Berry will not only get chocolate, she gets to chew gum too before she goes to bed. 

Sounds indulgent? Not really. In fact, apart from the welcome news that chocolate > candy, here are some of the surprising things I've learned when it comes to taking care of our children's teeth:

Don't rinse after brushing. Apparently, that's the right way to brush teeth. Spit out the toothpaste and that's it! Just like how it's done in TV commercials and in movies. This is so we get to keep the full benefits of fluoride in our mouth after brushing.

Supervise brushing until the age of 6. It's not enough that kids brush their teeth regularly. Parents have to make sure they are brushing correctly. That they floss before brushing, clean their teeth all the way to the back and that they brush long enough and not just do an obligatory sweep around the mouth.

Chew 2 pellets of Lotte Xylitol gum after each meal. Lotte Xylitol promotes saliva flow in order to maintain healthy pH levels in the mouth, which prevents the demineralization of tooth enamel. It removes food particles that may be left behind, and also helps remove stubborn tartar on teeth surfaces by promoting chewing action. This dental health gum keeps the teeth healthy and strong, prevents plaque and cavity build-up, and is effective in avoiding common dental problems such as bad breath and tooth decay.

Seal it with a Dental Sealant. Our pediatrician, as well as our dentist, recommends protecting kids' teeth from cavities with a sealant. Wish I had done this earlier, so I intend to have this done on Berry's permanent teeth instead. But, ASAP for Xavi. Ask your dentist about it!

Lotte Xylitol is the first dental health gum in the Philippines and the only dental health gum recognized by the Philippine Dental Association. It is sugar-free dental because it contains over 50% xylitol as a sugar substitute. It reduces cavity-causing bacteria that feeds on sugar, and creates acids that dissolve tooth enamel resulting in tooth decay.

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