Saturday, October 19, 2013

Phyto Phytomiel for Bébé

my shampoo on the left, Xavi's on the right

I have been using Phyto shampoos for two years now, since I read a feature on Laura Garcia at This mom with gorgeous locks shares that she uses Phyto, and her photos were enough to convince me to splurge as well.

So I was super pleased to know that Phyto has a variant that is specially formulated for babies.

One of the shampoos I switch around with Xavi's Mustela is PHYTO phytomiel, a gentle hypoallergenic shampoo for babies formulated with Honey wax absolute & Apricot Phytomiel.

With a botanical washing base, it washes hair with ultimate gentleness, does not sting the eyes and  rinses out rapidly. As if these weren't good enough, it leaves hair easier to detangle and soft to the touch.

Available at Rustan's Department stores, a 100ml bottle retails for Php 695.

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