Sunday, October 06, 2013

Singapore Food Fest: Day 2

Day 2 in Singapore was scheduled for business. Dada & I had a 12 noon appointment in Chinatown, and then we had to head out to the Philippine Embassy on Nassim Road after our meeting to have documents authenticated. 

To make sure that we got to our meeting on time, we had a quick lunch at Riverside Indonesian BBQ at the basement of 313 Somerset.

I had an Ikan Panggang (grilled fish with black sauce, rice with curry sauce, siding of fried egg and sambal). Dada had his Ayam Panggang (grilled chicken with black sauce, rice with curry sauce, siding of fried egg and sambal) paired with Koi bubble tea.

Riverside Indonesian BBQ always guarantees a fast, affordable meal that hits the spot!

With the way things are so efficient in Singapore, we were able to have coffee and meet with our principal, get documents notarized, and take care of Philippine Embassy errands by 2:30 pm. Which left us with plenty of time to take a leisurely walk on Nassim Road to Orchard Road.

Of course, I took Dada on my usual route from Berry's Julia Gabriel days at The Forum. We passed by Hilton Shopping Gallery...

3.1 Phillip Lim

Dries Van Noten

Out again on Orchard, and then in through the basements of Wheelock Place, ION Orchard, Wisma Atria and Ngee Ann City...

Mooncakes galore at the basement of Ngee Ann


Took the escalator up to the ground floor to say hello to Laduree...

the Laduree stall in Ngee Ann City, across Chanel

And did a bit of window shopping at On Pedder and Celine. Yes, look only. No touch.

hey you, Classic Box Bag, I still want you

Tired and a bit famished, we freshened up a bit at our hotel before heading out to Ippudo in Mandarin Gallery for a heavy snack. This is how heavy:

crispy corn

My usual order: Akamaru Kaseneaji. Dada had his usual miso ramen.

As usual, Ippudo did not disappoint.  But after having had ramen at Ukkokei in Makati, I think my standards have changed. Ukkokei ramen definitely wins over Ippudo in my opinion.

For dinner, I told Dada that we just had to go for flavored XLB at Paradise Dynasty in ION Orchard. When I was pregnant with Xavi, all I wanted to do was eat at Paradise Dynasty. Yes, Xavi = XLB.

While waiting for a table, we killed time at Crate & Barrel, which made me so excited for Crate & Barrel Manila! Finally, I don't have to order and ship from the US anymore! Thank you SM! (And thank you SSI for bringing in Pottery Barn too!)

I also happened to see this Limited Edition 250th Anniversary Artist Case at the Faber-Castell store. It's a creative's wet dream, and at almost S$2,600 for this case, the kind a starving artist can only dream of.

Speaking of starving, by the time we got to our table...

I was so starving that I only managed to take a photo of the famed flavored XLB...

and the spicy wonton...

Dada had a big steaming bowl of beef la mian, while I also ordered fried rice, radish puff and deep fried scallion pastry which I never got to take photos of. Teehee. All I can say is, they were all so yummy, you've just got to take my word for it! 

To be continued...

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Anonymous said...

Totally agree that Ukkokei ramen is sooo much better than Ippudo!!!

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