Friday, October 04, 2013

Singapore Food Fest: Day 1

I did a 3 day juice cleanse by Nadine Tengco (more on that, soon!) when I got back from a trip to Singapore last month. 

I had to. Because all that Dada and I did, save for business, was eat! Because isn't that what Singapore is all about? 

Chatterbox in Mandarin Orchard was the first restaurant we went to as soon as we arrived. Dada had been dreaming of their lobster laksa for the longest time. I was craving for chicken rice. Funnily, even if we lived in Singapore for a time, I have never had chicken rice here, knowing I could get an equally delicious one at a hawker stall for S$2.50. Of course, the serving size is not as generous and I'd usually get it wrapped in paper.  

chicken rice at Chatterbox

lobster laksa at Chatterbox

For dinner, we met up with our friends Naomi & Tony C. and Marc S. to eat and catch up on chika.

Before heading out to PasarBella at Turf City, we had appetizers lovingly prepared by the talented Mrs. C in their lovely home, which also happened to be at the same condo complex where we used to live, so it was like a homecoming of sorts, heehee...

bruschetta & brie cups

cheese, grapes and bread/crackers

Laduree macarons

At PasarBella, I was looking forward to eating crackling roast pork, cholesterol be damned, but apparently, the stalls close at 7 pm. Restaurants were open till 10 pm, so we still had a couple of choices left and decided to stay.

Dead zone notwithstanding, it was fun just observing how they set up the place. Naomi says it is so much better of course with the stalls still open so we get to see everything that PasarBella has to offer, but I liked how it was in a way a showroom of sorts. I mean, see how their seating looks. This ain't no ordinary food court, bebe:

imitation Tolix chairs, but overall, a chic look for common area seating

We ended up gorging on seafood at Oceans of Seafood. I think the guys were drawn to these beautiful lobsters.

The five of us shared  a delicious feast of sushi (wiped out before I could take a photo), lobster, crabs, shrimps and mussels paired with the most divine dipping sauces. I've never had seafood this sweet and fresh in years! 

And this was only Day 1. You can just imagine where the days ahead would take us!

To be continued...


Anonymous said...

Hi Tin! Just wondering what camera you're using when taking these photos? Thanks!

cd_mfo said...

Just my iPhone, heehee!

cheekeegirl said...

what a sosyal feast!

cd_mfo said...

cheekeegirl, funny!

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