Wednesday, October 02, 2013

The Cleaning Diva Can

I know the house needs serious cleaning when I start sneezing.

We clean the aircon filter on a regular basis. I just replaced the filter on our Blueair. We putter about the house sweeping, dusting and mopping daily of course. But still, no dice. My nose just would not let up. Hey, what to expect when a building is being constructed a stone's throw from the house?

Thankfully, The Cleaning Diva, thanks to my friend Janice, came to my rescue.

The Cleaning Diva is a cleaning company that was started by ex-Citibanker Marivic Arambulo last year. For Php1,500 an hour, they offer professional deep-cleaning services to households and office spaces, which covers:

1) General cleaning - top to bottom cleaning; all surfaces, furniture and fixtures; for houses that have been lived in 
2) Pre move-in cleaning - all surfaces but usually does not include furniture 
3) Post-renovation cleaning - similar to no. 2 but it includes furniture 
4) Pre-event spruce ups - more attention to details on cleaning of the event area 
5) Specialized cleaning - specific items only like mattresses, upholstered furniture, area rugs and carpets, kitchen appliances or a combination of any of these 

Sounds like a dream right?

In my case, it was our mattresses and couches that needed The Cleaning Diva's "touch".

 they rainbow the mattress enhancer top, bottom and sides

not without freshening up the mattress (and pillows) with a lavender and baking soda freshener of course

then, they rainbow the actual mattress top, bottom and sides

The Cleaning Diva "touch", just to point it out, is not light handed at all. It is deep-cleaning, using the high powered Rainbow vacuum system. As all donya households know, the Rainbow vacuum system is equipped with HEPA filters that captures nearly 100% of household dirt and particles, and traps them into the water-logged basin. It comes with numerous attachments which allows you to clean just about anything and everything inside your home. 

Cleaning our actual bed was not exciting enough though.  After all, it's a year old bed, which according to Marivic is still relatively "clean". Things got a lot more interesting with our 6 year old sofa bed.

Seeing all these dust hiding inside all these years, OMG! Can you just imagine what a total sneezefest  this couch has become?

In the 2 hour span of time that The Cleaning Diva team was at home, they also managed to vacuum Berry's bed and this couch in the living room:

While chatting with Marivic while she was supervising her guys, I asked her why she went into the business of cleaning. She told me that she personally enjoys cleaning and organizing, and post-retirement, she wanted to start a business that she could easily manage herself.

It is obvious that she loves what she does. She really is very meticulous, pointing out spots that needed extra attention. She would daintily sprinkle the lavender scented mattress and pillow fresheners herself, like a cute cleaning fairy godmother, haha!

Marivic also told me that aside from the use of the Rainbow to rid surfaces of dust, dust mites and allergens; they also do shampoo services for upholstered furniture, mattresses and carpets/rugs, window cleaning (interiors only and exteriors that their ladders can reach), kitchen appliances, and bathroom cleaning (yeah, they can take care of hardwater stains and streaks on glass enclosures).  

They bring all the equipment and cleaning solutions, and use only eco-friendly products.

For general cleaning, Marivic normally does an ocular visit and gives a quote based on the estimated number of hours it takes to clean a home. 

"For specialized cleaning, I have an average time per item and am able to quote the approximate cost to the client, based on her list of items for cleaning", Marivic explains.

What can they clean in an hour? An hour can mean deep clean (DC) of 2 King/Queen mattresses, or DC + shampoo of a 2 seater sofa or DC + shampoo of a medium sized area rug. 

In my case, 2 hours involved cleaning a King mattress, a Queen mattress, a sofa bed and an L-shaped couch. 

Cost of 2 hours cleaning our mattresses and couches = Php3,000

Cost of entering a clean, fresh smelling, dust-free room = Priceless

Plus, I don't even have to buy my own Rainbow, or Hyla. Heeheehee.

The Cleaning Diva
Tel: +632 722 2484
Mobile: +63920 9531931
Facebook page: 


Mommy Roxi said...

Hi Tin! The photo of your bed, is that the actual mattress na or do you have a topper? Or is that Tempur? It looks so heavenly to sleep on! Parang creamy! Haha! ;D

cd_mfo said...

Mommy Roxi, our mattress is Uratex! But we also a mattress topper that my in laws bought in Canada. I forget the brand, but I've seen it at S&R Fort here!

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