Friday, October 04, 2013

Gingersnaps Turns 20 + Gingersnaps Kids Model Search!

Beloved homegrown children's label Gingersnaps turns 20 this year, can you imagine? 

Actually, I can. My sister Nicole who is 24 now wore a lot of Gingersnaps when she was a little girl. Since I am 13 years older, I was tasked to bring her shopping whenever she needed new clothes and we'd always find something nice at Gingersnaps.

In fact, I have saved a delicate eyelet top by Gingersnaps from when she was 12, because it was too pretty to give away. Even with Nicole all grown up, I still loved buying at Gingersnaps for birthday presents and such. It's legit to say we have been fans of Gingersnaps for 20 years actually!

Fast forward to when I had Berry, and it was a no brainer that we shop at Gingersnaps. The designs are chic and age-appropriate. They use the daintiest prints. The fabrics are soft and presko, the colors always look mabango, the trimmings are tasteful. Gingersnaps allows kids to be kids, doing all their active kiddie activities, but dressed stylishly and comfortably.

Berry wearing a top from Gingersnaps, pants from Joe Fresh and Yosi Samra Kids flats

Gingersnaps romper

Gingersnaps t-shirt, Gap skinny jeans, Salt-water sandals. Dress hanging on Berry is Gingersnaps

identical Gingersnaps dresses, haha

Berry with Cai's Yukie, both wearing Gingersnaps jumpsuits

Xavi wearing Gingersnaps trousers with a Ralph Lauren shirt

Sailing in a Gingersnaps t-shirt with Gymboree shorts 

Gingersnaps colored trousers (Xavi has these trousers in all colors actually!), Carter's onesie

Gingersnaps shirt & shorts 

I have always wanted to meet the brains behind Gingersnaps because I am a seriously huge fan. Apart from the pretty, timeless clothes, I love how they merchandise the store. I am also at awe with how they grew the brand from a department store stall to a world class children's label with presence in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and UAE.

So when I finally, finally met Gingersnaps Founder and Chief Designer Sabrina Uy (her sister-in-law Sherry Yu, who also happens to be Gingersnaps Marketing Manager, arranged a cozy meet, greet and eat lunch together with them and my mommy friends at Myron's back in July) it was like meeting a rockstar! I had so many questions for her, and as she told us the Gingersnaps story and explained the thought and care that goes in choosing fabrics and designing the clothes, it was like a validation of why I love Gingersnaps.

I am pretty sure I am not the only mom who is fanatical about Gingersnaps. My friends are too. I am sure, if you are a mom or a doting aunt or ninang, you are too! So that's why I am also sharing with you that Gingersnaps is looking for Gingersnaps Kids who will be part of their store collaterals, lookbooks, website, even billboards!

For more details, visit the official Gingersnaps Kids Model Search website, HERE. Entries are accepted until November 10, 2013.

And with that, I also want to let you know that Gingersnaps is having a sale at their stores until October 16! I also leave you with these looks from their current collection. Maybe next season, your little star will be modeling in their place, heehee... 

Happy 20th Birthday, Gingersnaps!
For more on Gingersnaps, visit their website and like them on Facebook 


jocris said...

I wish I have a lot of money to buy..aang cute

Donata Lim said...

You take the best ootd of your kids! I follow you on IG! I cannot wait to do that with my girls too! Gingersnaps talaga have the best and reasonable priced items!


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