Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Valentino S/S 2014

I swear, by the time I am a donya, I am going to wear nothing but Valentino!

Yes, kahit sa grocery!

pang cocktail reception

for a fundraiser with an "indigenous couture" theme

for a casual evening gathering at a friend's home

pang sundo sa school. These espadrilles, OMG

pang grocery

for brunch with the junior matronas

for "I'm just lounging at home while my house is being shot for Town & Country or Elle Decor"

for an ancient civilizations themed party

pang grocery ulit

simple but with drama! To a wedding reception

 too short for anywhere really, maybe for the beach house sans jacket

 again, the simplicity! the drama! For another formal evening soiree

to the Met Ball. Eat your heart out Gwyneth. Ahihihi

to a cocktail party

 to a costume party? Haha!

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