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Mind Print: Like Reading your Mind

SPECIAL SUMMER PROMOTION: From now until June 30, 2014 Mind Print is offering a discounted price of P12,500 for each scan, from the regular price of Php18,000. Just use code MP002, pay and confirm your scans on or before June 30 to avail of the discount. 

Are you left brained? Or right brained?

Do you feel you will be happier doing something else? Or are you still looking for the right career for you?

Should your child be in a traditional school or a progressive school?

What are my child's strengths, her/his learning style, and how do I guide her/him into becoming the best person she can be? 

All the above questions are intriguing, but it was actually the last question that sealed the deal for me, when my friend Jenny Reyes aka My Mommyology told me about Mind Print, an innate intelligence evaluation service based on Dr. Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences.

Mind Print is able to generate a comprehensive analysis which highlights strengths, opportunities, abilities and limitations of the various parameters of the brain. It also generates personality type, learning style and recommended career options. All these will be provided through a simple biometric scan, no paper and pen testing required.

Honestly, when I first heard about Mind Print from Jenny, I was totally blown away. 

She said that Mind Print can tell much about a child's personality and learning style based on finger print scans. They can even tell the kind of school or career best suited for a person. She also told me a story about her friend who deferred big school for her child because she realized that her daughter would benefit from the smaller class sizes in a progressive pre-school.

Thanks to Jenny, Berry & I got to try out Mind Print for ourselves, and I left wanting Dada & Xavi to have theirs done as well. Here's why:

1. There are NO written tests or Q&A's. All it takes is 30 minutes with the consultant who will take 3 fingerprint scans of each finger.

Kaiz Patel of Mind Print Philippines shared that Mind Print is all about "Innate Intelligence", and is based on dermatoglyphics, the scientific study of finger prints. He explained to me how fingerprints are our brain map. In fact, even if we burn or cut off the skin on our fingers, it will grow the same pattern. Finger prints are unalterable and unlike tests where our answers can swing whichever way based on our current behavior or mood, the reliability of the fingerprint analysis stays unbiased.

You don't have to worry about kids being distracted or having to answer long winding multiple choice questions about how one would react to certain situations. It's as objective as it gets. Berry was especially fascinated when she saw her fingerprint scans on the computer screen. Enough to keep her occupied until Kaiz was done taking prints of all ten fingers.

2. Privacy assurance. Once our finger prints scans were completed, these were sent to Hong Kong for evaluation. As soon as they left Mind Print, our scans were deleted and all that the evaluators in Hong Kong know of us is attributed to an Evaluation #. No names, no ages, no briefing on backgrounds. We are just but a number.

As for the results, apart from Kaiz, who took our finger print scans, the results were only privy to me, and Dada, who I asked to be in the room when Berry's evaluation results were discussed.

3. The evaluation report is a treasure trove of insights. I have always noticed certain things about Berry, and without knowing about it or discussing anything with Kaiz, Mind Print validated a lot of my observations.

Take for instance Berry's ability to connect with people. She's a natural charmer. People are drawn to her. As it turns out, Berry scores high in Interpersonal Intellect, meaning, she is People Smart. 

Berry easily picks up new words, even languages, and she just won't stop talking aka madaldal. Not surprisingly, we found out that she is highly Verbal aka Word Smart.

Kaiz also told us that Berry's Learning Domain is mostly Affective, and she easily learns by example. This reminded me of a time when Berry was watching her teacher at Global Art make a Minion out of clay and while I spoke with the teacher, next thing we knew, she made one herself, without the teacher's help!

Berry's Minion on the left, teacher's Minion on the right

When it comes to Thinking skills, Berry is a Reverse Thinker and a Self-Cognitive Learner. Which only means, we need to be prepared to answer a lot of "Whys" because she is the sort of child who will ask a lot of questions and will persist until she gets an answer.

This is just the tip of the iceberg from a host of other exciting discoveries I learned about Berry and myself.

3. There are action steps on how to strengthen intellect, ideal career options and other useful suggestions.  

Because Berry is an Auditory Learner, Kaiz recommends that Berry sit in front of the class every time, so she won't get distracted and can easily focus on the lessons at hand.

Meanwhile, I now know why I am so good at shopping! My Innate Intelligence points out that I will do well as a BUYER! Ahihihi.

Seriously now, my career options include careers in the realm of consultancy, art, literature, philosophy & religion and education and I do kind of have to agree that these are areas that I feel comfortable with, and I am glad that in some way or another, I have found myself doing things that I do love. 

The goal of course for Berry, is to guide her in the direction where she will do something she loves as well. As parents, we want to be able to maximize her learning potential using the best tools for learning that she is comfortable with. Kaiz even says that I can show the report to teachers and guidance counselors so they can also understand Berry's communication style.

To give you an idea of what Mind Print can do for you or your child, click HERE.

4. Mind Print can help in your personal life as well. More than just intelligence evaluations and career options, it was enlightening to learn more about our personalities and how we communicate. I can now see where Berry is coming from, and can understand why & how she reacts to certain situations.

It is not fair to lump kids based on age, or intellect, as each child is unique. My expectations of Berry is managed by this report, and that is why I want Dada & Xavi to do Mind Print as well. I want to be able to understand them better, and them me, so we can help and support one another into becoming the best people we can be.

Now isn't that what family is all about?

Mind Print Philippines
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61 West Capitol Drive
Brgy. Kapitolyo, Pasig City
Philippines 1603
Telephone: +632 631 0563
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Colombe Keller said...

How much does this cost?

Manila Fashion Observer said...

Php15,000 or about US$340

S.Moon said...

Hi Tin! I'm the friend of Jenny who deferred big school thanks to Mind Print.

aloopylife said...

I wish I'd read this while I was still there--would have wanted to try it for sure!

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