Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Picture Company Promos + Our Annual Family Photo

Each year, it has become tradition to have a nice family photo taken for us to remember each holiday by. This year, our family photo was taken by Ishee Sayson of The Picture Company in Podium:

The Dychiaos, Christmas 2013 

Thanks to The Picture Company, you can start/continue your own tradition too.

They are offering a FREE photo session for you, my dear readers. Just screen cap and print out this coupon below, call your preferred branch to set an appointment and remember to bring the print out of coupon on picture taking day. This offer is valid until December 15, 2013 only, so better book that session stat!

talk to a The Picture Company staffer for more details on this promo

That said, I would have to share with you how we enjoyed having our photo taken with The Picture Company this year.

The Picture Company at the 3/F Podium Mall

Let me count the ways (parang Hallmark card heehee):

1. They're organized and very professional. Our photographer Ishee called us days before to set our appointment. She then emailed me a booking confirmation, along with it some pegs on how she'd like for us to pose, how we can color coordinate our outfits and a reminder to bring favorite toys and outfits for the kids to wear.

On the day of the shoot, we didn't have to wait too long as they had the studio set-up ready and waiting for us. They were very patient, understanding how hard it is to get kids to cooperate, and obliged Berry's need for several costume changes, haha.

2. The studio is big and very neat. We had to take off our shoes when we stepped into the white backdrop but that was ok, the studio was neat and clean and all the props were organized on shelves  and costumes were hung neatly on racks against the wall. There's a changing room where you can change outfits in privacy, and a mirrored area where you can touch up your makeup.

3.  They work fast. We were in at 1:15 and out by 3:30 pm, and that includes the time where I stepped out to do a bit of shopping while they went through all the photos and edited them so I can just choose the ones we wanted for printing. I got our prints in about a week. 

4. Our pictures turned out great. I will let these photos speak for themselves, heehee.

5. They've got Christmas cards and gift tags! We used to have our family Christmas cards made through Snapfish, but with The Picture Company offering the service, there's no need to get it done elsewhere. Talk about a one stop shop!

The personalized cards & gift tags offer is available only until December 15, 2013 too!

For more on the The Picture Company, visit their website, like them on Facebook and follow @ThePictureCoPH on Twitter!

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