Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Travel with MANGO

I am often asked, “Where do you shop for cold-weather clothes in Manila?” 

Well, with the holidays fast approaching, and you are planning to spend it abroad with family and friends, you might want to shop for your cold weather gear and travel clothes at MANGO.

Here’s a tip though when planning your travel wardrobe – travel light. The last time I packed for our trip to LA/Vancouver I just had 2 jackets, two pairs of dark jeans, leggings and a couple of tops, and tights to keep me warm in chilly weather for an almost two week trip.

If there’s one thing I learned from all my years of traveling, traveling light is an art form in itself. You can’t just dump stuff into your suitcase. You really need to think outfits through and make sure you get the most mileage with each piece.

Take for instance, dark skinny jeans. To me, this is a travel essential that will go from sun up to sun down. I found a great pair of jeans from MANGO’s Premium Denim line – super slim, with a regular waist (neither too high nor too low) that hugs at the right places. Comfortable enough to be worn inside the airplane, it’s also great for shopping and sightseeing as well as a night on the town.

Not bad for Php2,750 ha!

MANGO Premium Denim super slim jeans paired with a chunky MANGO sweatshirt, smoking slippers from LeBunny Bleu, for the plane ride,

MANGO Premium Denim super slim jeans paired with a MANGO chambray top and Isabel Marant Betty sneakers for shopping & sightseeing. Throw on a sweater or a jacket if it gets cold! 

For dinner out with Dada, just slip on a pair of pointy toe heels and a sheer plaid top from MANGO

1 pair of MANGO denims, 3 different looks! Easy as pie.

There is nothing chic about lugging huge suitcases for a week long trip, so really, travel light. Besides, why use up all your baggage allowance when you need it for the return trip home? Otherwise, where else will you pack everything you’ve shopped? 

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★Markness★ said...

I'm not a light packer person. I just want to make sure that I have a lot of options but I like this post. Also, your tops are versatile too. Sweatshirts and button downs are tops that can be paired with almost everything from skirts, shorts, and jeans! But if you're going to a cold place, I recommend a statement coat. That way, you can wear basic clothes since no one will see them. ;)

Also, get A LOT of sunglasses. That's a great statement, too. I usually get mine at Les Biches: http://facebook.com/lesbicheseyewear

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