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I have really passed on my love for clothes to Berry. She just loves to play dress up. There are days when she insists that we wear similar outfits, and she always, always has an opinion on what I have on – from disapproval:

“I don’t like your skirt, Mom.” 

To styling advice:

“You know Mom, you should wear these shoes with your dress.” 

To full on gushing mode:

“Wow, I love that outfit Mom, you look nice!” 

When she saw the pictures I took during MANGO’s Fall/Winter fashion show featuring the MANGO Kids line a couple weeks back, first thing she asked me was, “Why didn’t you bring me?”
 MANGO Kids for Girls

MANGO Kids for Boys

Well, first, it was a school night. Second, isn’t it much more fun dressing up with the actual clothes than seeing it on a mannequin, or say, on other kids? 

In fact, when I saw a gorgeous boho skirt at the MANGO Girls section, I immediately put together this outfit for Berry in my head, complete with the scarf and fringe booties. Very Isabel Marant! 

 Berry, head to toe in MANGO Kids 

To be honest, I kind of wished they had adult versions of Berry’s sweater and skirt too! 

But when I saw a tunic dress at the women’s section, in the exact same shade of coral as the stripes on Berry’s skirt and the tassel on her scarf, I just knew Berry would love for us to wear these outfits together. For that French bourgeois boheme aka “bobo” look.

 Berry & Me in complementary outfits

Because clothes from MANGO Kids are designed as mini versions of pieces from the adult line, they also had “downtown” edgy looks for little girls. Something like what Aila Wang would wear – say, black skinny jeans and a grey sweatshirt. 

I even found a faux leather jacket!

Now if only Berry can do that French “I don’t care look”, not to say she doesn’t look adorbs with her cutesy Asian pose, heehee.

I mean, I was inspired by Berry’s outfit. I even came up with a mommy version, each piece also from MANGO, which in my head is what something Emmanuelle Alt would wear – dark skinny jeans, the perfect slouchy tee and a fitted jacket.

 Berry & Me going for the French Voguette look. Well, we tried. Haha 

Seriously, if you’re looking for fun pieces for your kid to wear, you’ve got to check out the MANGO Kids line. 

I found so many chic finds for little girls and boys that would really make dressing up with moms, ninangs and aunties so much fun. 

It’s like everyday is meant for Mini Me dress up days!

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