Saturday, November 30, 2013

MERALCO Advisory + The Move App + Energy Saving Tips

Did you know that MERALCO has a YouTube channel where they post monthly advisories? 

They do. Check out their YouTube page, for informative updates.

This month, hate to break it to you, the advisory is something we should brace for because electricity rates are going UP. In other words, tataas kuryente natin!

Overall rate is going up to Php1.24/kilowatt hour due to an increase in generation charges for the months of November & December. Fortunately, rates should stabilize by February 2014. Watch this MERALCO November Advisory to understand: 

In case you didn't catch it, generation charges will increase due to the scheduled annual maintenance shutdown of power plants (not the mall, silly!) and the Camago-Malampaya pipeline. They will still be functioning but won't be operating to full capacity and as such will be using more expensive fuel for the meantime.

Why it was scheduled during "peak season", that's something I will be asking about! Let me get back to you on that. Note that MERALCO, as a distributor, explained that they won't be increasing charges, but since all the other costs associated with electricity charges have increased these will be reflected on our bills.

That said, you should Download the MERALCO App, which is available on Apple and Android phones. Most useful features? The appliance calculator so you know how much your appliances are costing you, along with "Bright Ideas"- energy saving and safety tips, that should empower you to cut back on your energy expenses.

Meanwhile, here are more energy saving ideas that I picked up from MERALCO. Some are easy to comply with, like "regularly clean lamps and aircons" while some may require an overhaul in your home, such as converting to inverter type aircons and refrigerators. You may want to start implementing these asap, so you don't get that shocked feeling when your bill arrives! 

For updates, suggestions or to reach out to MERALCO, visit their website, and follow them on Facebook and Twitter @meralco.


Meikah Ybañez-Delid said...

Yes, same question... why set this during peak hours. :( And I think it will be more efficient and easier on our pockets if they would distribute generation cost and the like throughout the year.

Manila Fashion Observer said...

Yeah! They should just distribute it throughout the year so it's not a shock to our pockets!

andrew carter said...

Nicely explained but it all possible by using the Best Energy Saving Lights

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