Sunday, January 19, 2014

Double Trouble: Rockstud Double + Valentino x Havaianas

They say trouble comes in twos, and I can totally see that with the Valentino Rockstud Double.

These reversible leather bags don't come cheap at $3295, but when you factor in the fact that you pretty much get two bags in one, in some sick, twisted way, you can convince yourself you are getting a good deal on a Rockstud Double.

Let me break it down to you. Here's bag # 1.

Flip it out, and you get bag # 2.

 Now, do the math. Wink. Wink.

On a more serious note, well ok, it's not serious, but just take a look at the mother of all Havaianas flip flops. As Leo di Caprio said in The Wolf of Wall Street, "Boomshakalaka!"

Is it a want? A need? A want? A need?

At $295 a pair, my logical left brain tells me it's definitely a want. My creative right brain is already thinking of how I will incorporate camo flip flops with studs with the rest of the clothes in my closet. In fact, as I write, it is already flashing "NEED" spelled out in bright, illegal, incandescent bulbs.

Now, wasn't there someone who said right brain people have more fun? Oh yeah, that was just me. Mwahahahaha.

But seriously, I will have to pass on these babies. Too much $$$ for flip flops. But in case I win the lottery or something, and I have serious cash to burn, then why the heck not?

With Valentino it seems, trouble comes in threes. Actually, make that 33s. Check out the online store and you'll see what I mean. Ugh.


Macy said...

I'm actually torn with which color I'd like for the havs. Any suggestions? :)

Manila Fashion Observer said...

I like the hot pink, followed by the neon yellow, the the light pink last! But you can't go wrong with either of the 3! Heehee!

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