Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Smart Bro: Tomorrow's Internet Today

To give us the best, high-speed mobile broadband experience Smart Communications relaunches Smart Bro, guaranteeing ultra-fast broadband anywhere in the country.

Smart Bro promises:

- nationwide coverage powered by an LTE capable network that stretches cross-country, so you know you’re covered even on the go. Enjoy blazing fast Internet speed in over 1000 sites nationwide and over 700 partner establishments with more areas nationwide to come 

- speed up to 42 mbps of LTE speeds for instant downloads, live streams with no buffering, and gaming without the lag

- reliability possible via a combination of high-bandwidth and low-latency connection which provides subscribers with the maximized capacity for data passage through the network and minimal delays in the processing of network data

...just about everything that my current home broadband provider is seriously lacking. Seriously.

Tell me if you are on Smart Bro,  and if you're happy with it! I think I need this in my life!

For more on Smart Bro, click HERE.

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